money due you....

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  1. Was watching dateline NBC tonight about properties that you or your family own that are waiting to be claimed.Here's the link to the story.

    My husband and I tried to check if we have any hidden wealth somewhere but no luck. Who knows you may have a million floating somewhere:idea:
  2. no luck for me or my family :sad:
  3. Ugh. My mother has like 12 little accounts escheated to our state. It's SO much paperwork and hassle to claim them.

    Word to the wise: keep up on your accounts and paperwork!!
  4. My dad had property in one of the islands by Italy that belong to his family and they could have took it, but he felt the people who were currently there deserved it more than him.
  5. rats! none for us
  6. Boo, nothing :[ This topic reminded me of that show where they go around digging through the junk in your basement/attic and find stuff thats actually pretty valueble and you never even knew! Then auction it off for you.
  7. $375.00 for my hubby!!!! I think I may claim it myself!!! Thanks for the info.....:smile:
  8. OT but I love Cash in the Attic. It always amazes me what people will pay for some of that stuff.
  9. both of my inlaws have unclaimed property
  10. My BF's family seems to have one on Texas. I will let him know...
  11. none for us/me!!
  12. My husband's on the list! Amount not specified. Thanks for info!