****** money..credited right away?

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  1. I'm doing some online shopping right now through ****** and I'm not sure i am doing it right?

    Does it show right away what you should be credited or does it update later? My # hasn't moved from $5.00 and i've made purchases

  2. I have same question too. I have credits in my ****** account and I don't know how to get it out. I had chosen the option of sending money to my PayPal, but I didn't see any money being transferred to PayPal:shrugs:
  3. from what I understand, a few times a year they send you out a check or pay you via paypal. the account builds up until it's time to send the check. I think they just sent one out recently...
  4. I have contacted customer service at ****** because some of my purchases have been credited within a couple of days and for other purchases I have not been credited a dime. I contacted them because I have received credit on recent purchases but not for some that I had made prior. I have not heard back from them and it has been two weeks since I contacted them. I received a reply a day after I emailed them stating they would investigate and email me back. I think I will email them again.
  5. They will update later and email to you.
  6. ok, just so long as i will get my credit!

    Thank you guys so much..off to do more shopping!:yahoo:
  7. As long as you go thru the link, it should be in your account in a day or 2. Sometimes 3... The $ was just sent about 2 weeks ago. Next time is in 3 months
  8. They generally send payments out quarterly...i think on the 15th of February, May, August and november. I think it depends on the retailer in terms of how fast you get credited because I remember hearing that they have to wait until the retailer gives them the info.
  9. Your account will get credited as soon as your item ships from the place you purchased from - for example Eluxury, however there are places that take longer to post, while others are within 24 hours of making your purchase - some up to 30 days, but most of the time they are all pretty fast. i would just keep checking your ****** account on a daily basis, and if you need to you can file a report w/****** after 30 days I believe and they will investigate for your and get back with you really fast....I love ******!!!!!

    Below is their guarantee....

    We guarantee that:

    1. Your Big Fat Check will arrive on time every four months, no strings attached.

    2. Your earnings will be posted to your account as soon as we get them from stores.

    3. Your private information will be kept secure & confidential.

    4. You will only find reputable, trustworthy stores in our shopping center.

    5. You will receive prompt responses to all customer service inquiries.
  10. what is ******?