Money clip?

  1. Hi Everyone -

    Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but this was the closest I could guess. Mods, please move this if I'm off on this one.

    My dad has asked for a money clip for Christmas. Easy (so I thought), there's some gorgeous ones out by Tiffany, Gucci, Burberry, etc. Then he throws in that it needs to have a knife and a file. Of course, none of the ones I found have that. Do any of you have any suggestions where to look? I've tried Nieman, Tiffanys, bluenile (they had one but he didn't care for it),, overstock, smart bargains, Bloomingdales, Saks
    and haven't found much of anything. He's not one to get caught up in brands; I just want to get him something that is a decent quality and will last him a long time. I figure something sterling, titanium, or steel would do the trick, but I can't find something like that!

    Does anyone know of anywhere else to check? I'm running out of ideas!

    Thanks in advance! :yes:
  2. Swiss Army makes one... you can find them on the internet.
  3. Hmm I don't have much to contribute b/c SO's money clip is from T&Co...they have a few different designs...did he look at all of them?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion to_the_nines. He didn't like those ones. Picky boy!

    Couturegal: T&Co's current designs don't have the file or knife on them. I took a look at them on the website. I may run down to tyson's just in case. Thanks though :smile:
  5. No offense but why would one need a file or knife on a money clip? wouldn't it make it quite bulky and defeat the purpose of having a money clip. why not get a swiss army pocket knife with the hundred gadgets and a separate money clip?
  6. Not really sure why he wants it, but that's what he asked for. He's always had them on his money clips for as long as i can remember.