money can't buy everything

  1. apparently, tobey maguire's super powers don't extend to hermes.
    in the aug. vogue (us), jennifer meyer, daughter of the head of universal studios, and an independent jewelry designer, is described as "pregnant and engaged to tobey maguire at 29." there is a mini feature on her as a "superstylish designer." in discussing her style, she adds:

    "My fiance gave me this black leather Hermes birkin bag that has this gold shooting star on it."

    so a. he wasn't important enough for hermes to satisfy his demand for a black birkin asap for his betrothed, b. he was too impatient to wait for a bag to come in to the boutique, and c. she knows very little about Hermes and her particular bag.
  2. Ooops, Tobey!

    Maybe he got his stylist to find one for him (can't imagine he knows much about Hermes). Who knew his GF would blab about its 'uniqueness'.
  3. teeeheehee..this is soo amusing....:devil:
  4. As long as she is happy!
  5. I'm as ignorant as she is. . . I have NO idea what y'all are talking about! LOL!
  6. You know we are just jealous!
    I wouldn't care if my PHH gets me a shooting star birkin!
  7. Swanky- A shooting star symbol means that it was made by a craftsmen for personal use or for the craftsman's family. It cannot be refurbished/cleaned/fixed/serviced by Hermes.
  8. ^^^ and it's a HUGE no-no if it gets sold on the secondary market. The craftsman could get in trouble...
  9. of course i don't judge anyone for buying one any which way they can. but the woman said it, for print in vogue, without knowing the first thing about it. she said it like it's a pretty stencil on her bag. swanky, if you got a birkin, you would get yourself over to this board and post about it and ask us what is up with the shooting star. if she did know what it meant, she wouldn't have said anything about it.

  10. there you go, that's what i'm talkin' about. :wlae:
  11. ha! that is funny!:lol: I'd say (a)! ( I have no idea who he is!)
  12. dit-to again! why else am i feeling smug?! at the end of the day, she has the hermes.
  13. spiderman. does whatever a spider can.
  14. He can hang off of buildings by a thread??:upsidedown:
  15. I know..boohoohoooo:crybaby::crybaby:!