Money Bags

  1. Thanks for sharing....
    We all know the markup for LV is alot, but Isn't it SOOOOOOO
    Worth it???

  2. Interesting. Thanks for posting.
  3. 13X more? so the Bequia Fourre-Tout I want is only like $220 to make but cost $2850 lol! DAMN!
  4. Well, um, this doesen't really go with the actual financial report of LVMH that was posted earlier, this article isen't really fact based at all it seems. Many other mistakes in there too.
  5. I never understand these arguements that making something is going to cost you alot more than it was to make... what do you expect, it's common business, every company does it. It's not like you can make your own handbags lol.
  6. Thanks for that - I disagree, though, with the comparison of going into LV to going into Gap. Going into LV for me is a treat as it is not every day I go in (more like once a year) and nothing as banal as any other high street store.
    But to have a custom handbag made must be absolutely wonderful. Imagine what it would be like to go into LV and design your own bag! Well, I can only dream...:sleepy:
  7. ditto....and i have to say it wasnt very well written! if my journalism prof saw that he woulda ripped him a new one!!!
  8. I have to admit, when I feel fat I love to shop for bags and shoes! LOL! The mark up on everthing is rediculous, but I am an LV addidct!
  9. delete...double post!! :sad: sorry!
  10. I'm an addict!! Don't care about the markup...I'll keep buying!
  11. Nice article! Thanks for sharing it. :smile:
  12. thanks for sharing, it's very interesting.
  13. That article is depressing...
  14. I felt that the article was interesting and true. Take from it what you will, but my LV still makes me super happy - especially on my fat days-hahaha! :graucho: