Money Back On Ebay Purchase

  1. Dear Ladies,

    I am new to the site and I really enjoy all the threads and all you ladies knowledge, comments and advise. :yes: Now I am asking for yours.
    I bought a fendi and of course it is a fake. I knew about this site after my purchase and did not make enough research.This purchase was 7 days ago.
    Can I still get my money back, as the seller said it was authentic?

    Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated.
  2. Have you contacted the seller yet? MOST of the fakers offer a money back guarantee (so you won't leave them negative feedback). If they won't give you your money back (and get it ALL back, including shipping charges), you can file a claim with PayPal. That is of course, if you paid with PayPal.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I di ask for money back and the seller said it was to late! How late is to late really? Yes, I paid with Paypal.
  4. It's NEVER too late if you're sold a fake bag! Tell her you'd like to offer her another chance to refund your money before you file a dispute and leave feedback. Make it very clear that you know it's fake and will be taking every measure available to get your money back. Don't let her intimidate you, GET HER!
  5. yea, i totally agree! keep all the emails between you guys as well & if she remains to be uncooperative, begin to file a complaint with both ebay & paypal in order to try & get your money back. if she does let you return, then you can get all your money back minus shipping. however, if she doesn't & you have to get your money back through paypal compensation, you'll lose out on money. but it's still better than not getting anything back & being left with a fake bag. uGggh i hate sellers like that! SUCH LIARS!!
  6. there's nothing to stop you filign an "sale not as described" dispute now. if you do, don't send the item back; paypal will ask for proof that the item is fake at some point.
  7. Glimmer

    Thanks I will do this NOW!

    Thanks again for all your help, and Glimmer , the seller is a HE. and I WILL GET HIM!

    I will keep you informed.