Money Back Guarantee on Authenticity

  1. I want to ask any sellers here ever have problems with this gurantee? I mean did any buyers tried to mess up w/ you claiming your item is fake after receiving it and request for money back? I am new to eBay and I sold a LV few weeks ago w/ money back guarantee, so far no problems. I am selling another LV and this potential buyer was asking me a lot of questions regarding authenticity and I did try my very best to fulfill her needs (she sounded like she wanted to buy my bag but she is not 100% sure of the authenticity). So I decided to take out the money back guarantee because I was scared that she might be one of those trouble buyer. Ended up she said she didn't feel right cuz I am not offering her the money back guarantee and the duplicate receipt I showed her wasn't print on the LV logo paper (I went to the store especially for her to request for a duplicate receipt, and what I got from the store is a duplicate printed on plain paper). Anyway, do you think I have done anything wrong? I also really want to find out if any sellers ever have problems w/ offering money back guarantee on authenticity. Thanks!
  2. Mark the inside of your bag with a uv pen and put tyvek bands around a non-removable part. Put a letter in with the bag stating the tyvek band must be on the bag for you to accept a return. Don't tell them about the uv mark.

    Any way you look at it, if you accept PP, they have amoney back guarantee. Only they have to provide a letter saying the item is a fake.
  3. UV pen is a really good idea! I never thought of that... but then again, I'd need a black light too, right? Hmm.. will have to look further into this.

    I've had it happen to me a couple times, buyer that have claimed something that was authentic to be fake. I think they use it sometimes for buyer's remorse. In any case, it's up to them to prove authenticity from a legitimate source if they want a refund.
  4. To be honest, I think 'Money Back Guarantees' are dubious. Most of the Ebayers selling fakes usually offer a Money Back Guarantee - If you know its Authentic, why would you need to offer a Guarantee.

    Buyers sometimes see this as a warning sign, I recently brought a bag from a Ebayer with a 2 x Money Back Guarantee - It was a fake.

    Buyers are pretty well protected anyway through Paypal - its a offense to sell a fake, if it is a fake, Buyers will get thier money back, no matter what.

    I think when dealing with emails from individual Buyers, you should address thier concerns, but if they are continously worried about Authenticity - give her extra pics and ask her to get in Autheticated from 'Caroldiva or mypoupette', both are pretty good.

  5. I 200% agree w/ you!! I know I am selling authentic items why do I need to offer money back guarantee? I guess a lot of unexperienced eBay buyers feel more comfortable w/ that.

    I did email the buyer a lot more good pics of the bag, but she insisted that she wants a copy of the receipt. I didn't keep my receipt, but ok, I made a trip to the store and got one for her, then she claimed that the receipt was not on LV logo paper so it looked weird. She said she did ask mypoupette to authenticate my bag becuz I don't offer money back guarantee and she needed more pics. However, she told me since I do not have everything she wanted, she's not going to buy my bag. So, I just do not bother sending her more pictures. I think I have done enough for this buyer.
  6. Sounds good ideas! :tup:

    How does paypal take care of this kind of claim? I heard stories that paypal will just take out money from your account w/o further investigation and end up the seller has to go thru all the troubles to fight back for the money. Is that usually the case?
  7. Does not sound as if the buyer is serious - or is too weary, either way you have done your bit for her. If your selling it at quite a high price, I would get it authenticated my 'Mypoupette' off my own back, I think its worth it....for piece of mind and it helps your item get better prices.