Money back at last from ebay rogue?

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  1. Well, my court appearance is only a few hours away and I'm just in the process of reflecting where the last 12 months have taken me and whether I would do it all again? I'll just briefly state what happened:

    I was really attracted to the lovely Bbags appearing on eBay and knowing nothing of tPF or having no knowledge of the real thing, I paid £460 for a used bag, hoping that since the price was quite high and I received a BalNY receipt with it, I was bound to be okay. Wrong!

    Then the battle began. The awful seller argued that she had never sold me a bag in the first place and that her eBay and other accounts had been hacked into. No evidence provided, of course. Trading Standards advised me to go to the police and, surprisingly, they were interested and arrested the individual and her partner (the account hacker!). But several months on and insufficient evidence to charge her, they advise me to seek redress through the small claims courts. And that's where I am tomorrow.

    She has made a remarkable change of story and is now claiming 'bait and switch', but my story is rock solid and I'm really hoping that on the balance of probability, I will win. What I do find so frustrating and annoying, though, is that I have to face a long drive tomorrow into central London onto her home patch. I have had to lose a day's salary and my dear husband is taking time off to support me. All of these costs are in addition to the £460 already lost.

    If she fails to turn up tomorrow, the matter will not be settled until she is given a chance to say why she did not appear. If she's convincing, a second hearing will be re-scheduled and I will have to repeat the journey! With even more costs, of course.

    When I win the case, she may still choose not to pay me and I will then have to pay more money to engage the court bailiffs to seek goods from her home. All my costs will, theoretically, be paid for by these goods. That's if she's still living in the address, from which she sent me the item!

    It's no wonder is it that these sellers get away with selling fake bags? It would be so easy to give up and walk away with my sanity intact. But I'm a tough cookie and I am determined to see this to the bitter end.

    I would do it all again, since in the interim I have acquired a wonderful collection of real Bbags and I've got to know tPF and the great people on here. But perhaps next time, I would not use a credit card cheque which gives a buyer absolutely no protection and I'd always check out a bag here first! But will I still be cheerful after tomorrow? I'll report back - so watch this space. Would you do what I'm doing? Or should I have just taken the loss?
  2. Sorry for the long post! Perhaps it was therapeutic!
  3. yeah for you !!!!
    one for the buyers
    dont let them get away with it . I am sure you are not the only one they did this too
  4. Many thanks, addison

    No, she had been on eBay for several years and had sold many fake Chloe Paddingtons to unsuspecting buyers. Disappointingly, when the police approached some of these buyers, none of them would come forward to give evidence, so the criminal case collapsed. I'm not critical, though, since I guess that none of us like to think that we've been ripped off. We all think that it could never happen to us.
  5. I hope it works out for you! Maybe you have made it just enough of a PITA for her that she will think twice before ever selling another fake bag!
  6. BRAVO! Good Luck to you! No doubt the truth will win out. Please keep us posted.
  7. sending you good vibes!!!
    i hope everything goes well for you tomorrow...
    do you have any saved documentation where she syas her accounts where hacked into at first? I think it's important to also mention that she has changed her story...
    keep us updated
  8. :tup: You pick the right battle to fight! This scammer needs to be taught a lesson. It's not about money anymore, it's about the principle. Hope things go smooth for you tomorrow and thereafters.
  9. Yes. Her story about her account being hacked into features in the SNAD dispute, which I won on ebay. All of this was put forward in my statement of case and is clearly documented. Thank you so much for your best wishes.
  10. Sincere thanks to solidgold2, beejerry, chloebalenciaga, 4theluvof-it and addisonshopper for your best wishes. I really appreciate the support from this forum.
  11. Is the seller still registered on eBay?
  12. Good for you!!!! Sending positive vibes your way...I hope everything goes well! I hate scammers and I'm glad you're taking action!
  13. No. I'm pleased to say that the seller is no longer registered on ebay. However, I know very well that the police had to return to her a stack of Chloe fakes and it is quite likely that she will be selling these under another ebay name. I watch the Chloe section regularly to see if I can spot her trading in another name. I am hoping that after the court hearing tomorrow, Trading Standards may well step in to prosecute. The difficulties they face is that they can only prosecute, if she is an active trader. This woman robbed buyers of huge sums of money over an 18 month period, but the police are powerless unless people are prepared to speak out. By speaking out I am possibly taking a bit of a personal risk, since this lady knows who I am and where I live. But I'm still determined to teach her a lesson!
  14. Thank you so much, girlsgottoshop. Your best wishes are really appreciated.
  15. Good for you. I wish you the best of luck ((Hugs)).