Monday reveal!!!

  1. Anyone around?
  2. :tumbleweed:
  3. :snack:
  4. Yay!! I didn't know u hung out here! So happy to see you! :hugs:
  5. Heres a hint.
  6. I hang out everywhere! :graucho: Now, let's get this party started, shall we? :woohoo:
  7. Is it red? :giggles:
  8. Nope, just classic Valentino! Here she is!
  9. Love it!!!!! Congrats!!!!!
  10. Ooohhh, this is GORGEOUS!! Perfect for S/S" You have the best taste! :tup:

    I was just kidding because of the red dustbag, hee hee! :amuse:

  11. AHHHHHHH! i think i just died....sheer gorgeousness!!!:angel:
  12. Thank you ladies!! I do love it!
  13. Wonderful bag! Will pair with everything. I love that shade of leather. Congrats! :tup::dothewave:
  14. Oh my, it's GORGEOUS! Congrats LL!
  15. So, so gorgeous!!!!!!! Wear and after share!!