Monday, monday !! how many LV real/fakes did you see this week end ?

  1. I feel I have to report my experience.....I was on a shopping trip in the city saturday, and despite being really stressed and in a hurry (yes the shops close between 2 and 4 p.m) I saw LV bags everywhere !!!
    Unfortunately so many FAKES: a young girl at zara just put that horrible mc speedy(you know the flashy colors?) under my eyes on the counter with a big "bling", and middle aged women with some sort of mono Alma (shorter with longer handles),and mono speedy´s.....I was like "it´s crazy for a country where the population values so much the quality and brand and craftmanship..."
    THE REAL : a girl carry a mono pochette (think that for the price of a big fake you can get a real small one !)
    and in a Designers shop (among the hanging chloe Paddys) a customer with a Damier sac chic.
    So basically it really depended of which area of the city I was, if it was fake land or real area.

    How about your week end ?
  2. I too saw a terrible MC fake - it wasnt even in a model that LV make and the colours were horrible, really bright colours that looked so cheap!

    I feel sorry for people who carry bad fakes, surely they can see that they look absolutely nothing like the real thing!
  3. In the streets, I didn't see no one! I stayed home the entire weekend! But on ebay I saw alot, if that counts! lol!
  4. None IRL, but watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and saw an LV checkbook cover (or maybe it was some sort of long wallet). Also, I took my bags out of their sleepers and fondled them. Does that count?
  5. 2 mono almas.
  6. Wow, were you in France? I thought there were almost no fakes in France because of the heavy fines.
  7. I was in Chicago this weekend....saw a horrible fake mono looked like the multicolore speedy but it was mono.
    Saw a couple real ones though...which brightens my day (a pochette and a keepall).
  8. I saw at least 20. All really horrible (think funniest fake thread).
  9. I was on Canal St this weekend...guess how many I saw?
    "you want coach? you want louie?!" :roflmfao:
  10. At Ikea this weekend, I saw an awful fake Manhattan. It was sort of in between the GM and PM sizes, had a strap down the middle like the GM, only the strap was narrow, maybe half an inch wide. And it had feet! :yucky: But, I also saw a nice authentic (albeit very saggy) Speedy 30 or 35 with a lovely patina.
  11. I saw 2 fake mono speedies. One had feet, and the other had a 2-tone zipper. Yuck!:throwup:
  12. didn't go out so much cos it was a rainy weekend but I did see a couple of fakes!

  13. :roflmfao: No I was in Denmark.......I am laughing bc I read myself again "quality and craftmanship" , and that couldn´t be France.
    on Contrary to the stereotype,I don´t have the feeling that French value quality at all....The cheaper the better -More for less -is the motto.
    But that´s partly because of the economic situation at the moment, bless, really bad and insecure job market,and the other part is mentality.
    Of course if you go to the "golden triangle" avenue montaigne, rue St Honoré, or other nice areas of´ll see real high end bag and clothes, but for the rest it´s fake land.
  14. I saw an amazing leopard stephen!
  15. It's funny I almost started a thread like this a few minutes ago... I saw the worse fake MC Speedy 30 being carried by a guy at A/X in Galleria this Saturday... and get this.. he pulled a damier wallet out of it to pay... It was hilarious...