Mondani/Emilie M.

  1. Does anyone here own any of these bags? I assume they're the same parent company. They seem like fashionable, well-made purses. I know they were lined in a foam rubber type of material at one time, but now they seem to be lined in a satin type of material. I also know of one other label i THINK they are related to, which is called East 5th.
  2. I am also curious about emilie m. purses..I saw some today at Marshalls, and the leather felt pretty nice. The interior was very cute, reminded me of Rebecca Minkoff purses.
  3. All the Emilie M. purse I have seen at Marshalls or TJ maxx are not real leather. I bought one once and it was very stylish but it was pleather.
  4. My emilie M is real leather and actually a very good bag. I have had it for 7 yrs and it has held up beautifully.
  5. I have one also. It is very sharp, and seems well made. Don't know how it will be accepted by the buying ladies yet, but it's going into our store in the next 24 hrs., if Merrilyn doesn't shanghai it 1st.

    It's a textured SILVER gray leather, single zipper, with an attractive multi-color interior. Looks pretty hot, I think. Trying to decide how to price it.