1. Hello, does anyone actually own the Moncler spy? If so I would love to hear feedback on the bag. How well it ages, if it easily snags? Does the feathers actually come out of the bag? Does the feather take up any room inside the bag? Any help is appreciated!
  2. Check this thread
    Fendi & Moncler Spy $1495
    I don't think anyone actually owns one, but it certainly gives you a little more info.
  3. ^ ya it doesnt talk about anyone owning the bag.. i too was interested to see what ppl thought.. i know most dont like it but i think its kinda cute
  4. I do not own one but have felt it in the shops. I am afraid I am one of the people on here that does not like it. Its like a ski jacket, that is what it feels like and looks like as same sort of material, with the feathers inside the material. One of the things I think is wrong with this bag is that it would be so easy to catch something on it, its not like leather if you got a tiny scratch no harm done really with this bag it could so easy tear then you would have feathers all over the place. To me it seems a lot of money to pay for what in fact is a puffa jacket bag. I know Fendi will not be repeating making them as they have not sold well.
  5. That bag is on sale on the Barney's web site now.
  6. Sorry haven;t seen one IRL but I do think they would be particularily delicate.

    Go for it though if you love it
  7. I would suggest go to the store and see it in person....the picture on barnerys site does not justify...the photo looks very shiny and puffy....but the ones i saw in store is very dull, not shiny at all....