Moncler - love or regret your$$$???

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2014
    I have finally decided to break down and get a Moncler coat. I need a little coverage for cold winters...I already have a cute short puffer.

    Any reco's for a good starter coat? I don't do fur.

    I would think it has to be black. (agree or disagree?)

    I am in between the Hermine

    and the Vanneau

    and then there's this one that doesn't seem to have aname

    (also I can only find it in good right?)

    Thanks...and if you have a Moncler coat, tell me if you love it! thx gyspy
  2. I love moncler jackets, they are light, warm, stylish and good quality! (Mine has been lasting for 4 years now)
    I would go for Hermine
    Vanneau is nice but not warm enough
    if you prefer a shiny down like the 3rd one, I would recommend duvetica down jackets

    I quite like the moncler fraxinelle down jacket's-Fraxinelle-Coat

    I would go for a dark color beige moncler always get so dirty on the arms
  3. Thanks. As it happens I can't seem to get my hands on the Hermine. Maybe next winter.
  4. yeah the Hermine is quite popular so you should try buying it early in the season next year :smile:
  5. Thanks.I will also look on ebay, I can usually spot a reputable seller...I mean if the coats are $300 I know I smell a rat LOL
  6. After discovering that Moncler is guilty of animal mistreatment and labour exploitation, I have to say that their jackets are NOT worth their money. I'd like to post these two very interesting links for anyone who would like to read more about another example of corporate greed:

    Link 1

    Link 2
  7. ^we should sew most of our clothes, I'm afraid
  8. Oh my god. This is the first I've heard of it... thank you. Shudder-worthy.
  9. I dont own any, but my son is very happy with his jacket, he has had it for more than 3 years and it still looks brand new! He says its comfy and goes with sporty style and casual.
  10. Ugh :goodpost:




  11. this all came out thanks to an Italian TV show, but actually I'm not surprised. How many brands aren't guilty about something? I mean, bad working conditions, outsourcing to low - cost countries, etc…
    And this is valid for both luxury and high street brands. If we really wanted to boycott these realities, we should all start sew our own clothes, a bit more difficult for shoes and bags though.
  12. Hi Mary :hugs:

    It leaves me quite un-nerved when I see and read these things, I know bad things go on so I try to be as mindful as I can :-s
  13. Very true, if I was a Moncler wearer I would be writing to MHQ. As for sewing our own, good point. We can also make the most of what we have already or buy pre-loved.

    As for goose feathers, I'm sure our duvets and pillows are not immune (whatever the cost/brand). I don't like synthetics but I really don't know why at these prices, intensive/insensitive/ignorant farm methods are employed. There is farming and then there is animal abuse.

    OP: Friends love them as they feel great to actually wear but I think they are very hard to get away with and look smart. I would def stick to shorter styles.
  14. I'd never regret.I think that buying something by Moncler is one of my most clever decisions when it comes to shopping
  15. I wouldn't pay that much for a parka without a fur hood. IMO, it's not worth the price.