Moncler boots?

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  1. I have never seen Moncler shoes/boots IRL. Moncler is mainly an outerwear/ski apparel company. They make very fashion forward ski jackets which are usually embellished or have fur trims. And they are quite warm. I believe that Gucci's former creative director (Frida something) is now the creative director at Moncler so their recent collections have been very extravagant. Their ski jackets are extremely light weight/non-bulky but very warm. I would guess that this translates well into ski/winter boots.
    I would also guess that they are rather pricey, the outerwear generally starts at $1K.
  2. Moncler is a very reputable brand. They make ski jackets for the Olympics, and as Kamilla said, some very cool outerwear. I, too, did not know that they made boots - but those look great! I have a coat from Moncler that was ltd. edition for Saks and I really love it for the coldest days
  3. They look warm and comfy but not very attractive.
  4. I think they're really cool but I guess pricey. And avoid wearing the same style jacket !
  5. anyone has the moncler boot, it just marked down to $195 from $290 at but only white color left! i am so tempted but scare it looks too bulky!