Mona's bag showcase....

  1. I finally have what they call a collection....

    I am not partial to any one designer so here is my collection that goes across the spectrum.....
    danya 004.jpg danya 005.jpg danya 006.jpg
  2. Great taste...great's the spice of life you know. : )
  3. Great collection! :drool:
    I love your Chloé bag.
  4. Very nice!! Great selection.
  5. Ooooh Mona great bags!!! I love the dior gauchos. Congrats on a fab connection:tup:
  6. the blue dior gaucho is so pretty!
  7. great pieces. I really like the white bag.
  8. lovely!!!
  9. O:huh:o ... I love the Gaucho's too! I've always wanted to get one down the road. Very nice collection!
  10. Cute burberry-
  11. I love your burberry.
  12. I really love that Edith. The color is so amazing.... Thank goodness i have one too. LOL
  13. your Gaucho!
  14. Great collection
  15. Great Dior's.