Monaco and Saint Tropez

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  1. Does anyone know what's good to do in Monaco especially with a 1.5 years child? SO and I were there 3 years ago but only for one day and stayed mainly in Nice. This time we are going to stay almost a whole week in Monaco alone and we are not going during Grand Prix season.

    Also has anyone been to Saint Tropez? Is it worth going or just beaches with a bunch of trust fund babies?
  2. In Monaco you will have to visit the Aquarium and the Botanic Garden.
    You will have also time to go shopping, there are so many beautiful boutiques there.
    Very close to Monaco there is Eze Village which you must absolutely visit.
    You will have a wonderful view on the Coast up there.

    St Tropez is a wonderful place! The old town is fabulous and sitting at an outdoor café on the pier is great!
    The beaches are great too!
  3. Thanks. I was looking at the Aquarium and Botanic Garden. I think my daughter will love it. What about the Prince's Palace? Is that a good place to go? SO and I have been to Eze 3 years ago before DD was born. There's a lot of uphill walking so I'm not sure if it's a good place to go pushing a stroller. Yah the shopping in Monaco is insane. I bought my Hermes shawl there last time…:smile:

    Do you have recommendation of where to stay in Saint Tropez?
  4. You won't miss the Prince's Palace of course!
    About hotels in St Tropez, I personally don't know any.
    Lots of people stay in Ste Maxime, which is supposed to be cheaper and not far from St Tropez.
    I suggest you have a look at Trip Advisor website.
    If I hear something interesting about one, I will come back to you.:smile:
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    Ste Maxime is supposed to be the island across from Saint Tropez. I just can't decide if Saint Tropez was worth visiting. BTW what month did you go to Saint Tropez?
  6. No, no Ste Maxime is not on an island, it's a few kilometers'drive from St Tropez!
    I live on the Côte d'Azur, so I have been to St Tropez in all seasons.
    We have had rainy springs in the last years, but St Tropez is lovely even in the rain.
    You will love the town and if you like sandals, K Jacques shoes are hand made there, don't forget to visit the shop when you go.....
  7. Thank you. I think we'll go to the aquarium and prince's palace for sure. I'm thinking we'll skip Saint Tropez but pick a different city. It's so much more to consider with a child.
  8. May is better than April. We have had rainy springs in the last years. April can be rainy.
    July and August are warm but that's school holiday time and there are lots and lots of tourists everywhere and prices go up.....
  9. Go to St Paul De Vence too

    It's my favorite place in that area and beyond beautiful
  10. I've been to Antibes which is close by and loved it.