Mona Lethal Dilemna???

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  1. Hi lovelies,

    I've been thinking about the Mona Lethal ever since I saw beeb's thread about, umm, why it didn't work for her. I happened to see it IRL today at Bloomingdales. OH. MY. GOSH. What a perfect bag. I've been searching for the perfect, slightly larger, casual/funky clutch for a long time, and wondered how the ML would look worn this way. Well... it's the clutch for me. Hands down. Plus, it looks edgy/stylish as a shoulder bag AND as a messenger.

    Problem??? I love the bark color from last season that beeb showed on her thread. It seems like it would work in all seasons. But the new fall color is bison, which seems a bit darker. Does anybody have a bag in the bison color? What do you think of it?

    By the way, there were 3 shelves devoted to Tano at Bloomie's. All gorgeous!
  2. One more thing, the only place I can find the bark is at Any thoughts on their customer service?

    If I choose bison, I'll definitely get it at MHB. Now that I've discovered Tano and love it so much, I want to get something from that site and support it.
  3. Hola chickie! Do you know, I actually sold that bag just last week? Anyway, I just wanted to point out that my ML was Espresso, not Bark! The PL is Bark. The Bark & Espresso are very close. I don't know if that actually helps you at all...
  4. Last week??? Gosh, I wish I hadn't taken so long to decide on getting one. I can't find a brown one on Bonanza. I'm discovering that with Tano, if I blink, it's gone!

  5. Yup, that IS the truth with Tano!
  6. Did you check MHB? ToB? Mason's? I will keep an eye out for you!
  7. Thanks, beeb. Now that I can't find it, I'm obsessed with the bark Mona Lethal. I just called MHB, and she said that bark is pretty much the same as bison, but just a different name because of the new season. If I can't track down the bark in the next few days, I'll get the bison.

    Dang, what a great bag!
  8. Well, that's good! I like Bark/Espresso/whatever a lot! Truffle will always hold a special place in my heart (DH surprised me with my first new Tano; a Truffle Minilisa) but I feel Bark has a really great sort of reddish undertone that Truffle didn't. Truffle was more neutral (maybe even cool) but Bark is definitely warm!
  9. awww.... how awesome that your DH gave you such an awesome bag as your first Tano! And he surprised you with it, too? He sounds like good people to me. :tup:

  10. Ooooo, I like how you have differentiated some of the browns, now I don't have to feel so guilty looking at another brown Tano! (sorry to hijack!)
  11. Ummm...well, I feel guilty now, because I'm the one who bought beeb's Mona Lethal!

    Seriously, though, I love it. It was just what I was looking for, and yes, the color is quite lovely!

    But honestly, I was also looking at the Bison ML's...I couldn't stop drooling over the one pictured at Rosie True. Bison is a very pretty color too, in my opinion. Sort of a whiskey, right? I don't think you can go wrong with the Tano browns.

    And yeah, I highly recommend the ML...I love mine :smile:

    They're on sale right now at Piperlime, but only in orange and silver.
  12. You're so lucky, jacks_mama!! I'm glad, though, that beeb's gorgeous espresso mona lethal found a home with a fellow tpfer and mom. I'm gonna focus my attention on the bison one now!
  13. Thanks, riry! Good luck to you! Can't wait to see your Bison ML :smile:
  14. hmmm.... change of thought. jacks_mama- I read your other post about how much you love your caramel boogie bucket. I don't own a tan or brown bag... maybe I should start with that and get something like the mona lethal later on down the road.

    Mason's has a caramel boogie... it looks quite beautiful on the website.
  15. Yes, I got mine from Mason's. I really like the color, although I know some think the Spring '09 Caramel was prettier (I've never seen that one in person). The leather seems nice and soft though!