Mona Blu's Downstairs Collection

  1. Ok so I decided that I am going to be 'designer inspired' by Baggaholic's Sanctuary and convert one of my empty bedrooms into a walk-in closet (SUCH a good idea baggaholic!!!). Currently I have my items stuffed into 6 closets and even the linen closet and coat closet in the entryway!!

    Ok so as I clean out each closet I am gonna post pics plus allow me to organize all my stuff LOL! Ok so here goes round 1 - the stuff that was shoved into my entryway linen closet. Ugh I am so disorganized LOL!





    and finally, OJ wanted to show off his new Jordans LOL!
    what a nerd.

  2. wow! nice collection!
  3. WOW! Great collection! I think you may need more shoes ;) OJ is funny! Looks like something my hubby would do while I'm tying to take pictures too!

    Off topic: I LOVE the color of your walls! We're about to have our downstairs painted and I wanted some shade of brown. I'm thinking I just found it! Thanks!
  4. nice collection!:love:
  5. Beautiful collection ... I feel like shopping for shoes! Thanks for sharing!
  6. thanks!! when I told everyone I was going to paint 2 walls chocolate brown and the other contrasting walls a light cappuccino they thought I was crazy, BUT every single person who comes over loves it. I think they are just afraid of the boldness? Just Do IT! lol :love:
  7. LOL! It really is beautiful! I'm pretty unconventional and bold anyway so the chocolate brown is just my style!:lol: It looks great with your window treatments and trim! Good job!
  8. really nice
    thanx for sharing
    buy some more please
  9. I can't decide which I love more: the home interior, or the accessories. Either way, they're both my hobbies. Thanks for sharing! Keep those pics coming.
  10. I feel so special now,...:shame:
    What a great idea!!!! WooHOO,.. need help, I'm a holla away! throw away the shoe boxes and keep a shoe cleaner in the room, color cordinate and keep names together! Shoes should be stored together next to purses and belts and clothes should be on another side of the room, along with accesories and make sure to get a cabinet to store your jeans horizontal. And remember the little things need their space too,... Where are you located, I'm all over the place, maybe I can help design with you?
  11. This is so much fun!! A new closet in the making! Can't wait to see the progress!!!
  12. monablu my eyes are popping out here!!!! I adore yout collection!!
  13. Me too... its totally awesome to see the steps in converting a room to walk-in closet..!

    I'll be having one in the near future... =)
  14. Me too... its totally awesome to see the steps in converting a room to walk-in closet..!

    I'll be having one in the near future... :P
  15. omg how awesome!!!!!!n (yes, I said awesome ahha)

    I live in hollywood hills -california. right in between the city and the valley.

    I will document the whole transformation - how fun!! yea, I have begun to throw away my boxes, the way i do it now is that i wear the shoe, when i come home i usually just kick them off downstairs, walk up stairs to my room and months later i throw the box out because i think its trash. I will take pics of my current closet situation so you can all feel my pain haha.

    ok so I will take pics of my messy rooms and closets so you can give me some ideas/direction! how exciting!! :nuts: