Mon Monogram Speedy Question??

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  1. I'm thinking about another Speedy but not interested in the new style. I'm currently on the website and noticed that the Mon Mono is showing the older style Speedy "without the zipper pocket inside". Does anyone know if the mon mono is still the older model??
    Please help 😇😇
  2. Not sure. Have you called 866 and asked?
  3. No, I've not called, are they opened at 9:50pm?
  4. Ok just called and it would be the new model with zipper 😩😩
  5. I got mine in January and it's the old style without the zipper pocket... Maybe call a again since different SAs give different answers?
  6. I got one at the end of 2015 and I don't have the zippered pocket. Check the mon monogram group - some ladies there may have other info 🙂
  7. Thanks 😀