Mon Monogram...School colors?

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  1. Hey everyone I need an opinion....

    So I was looking at the Mon Monogram Speedy online. At first I wasn't sure if I would like it but it's starting to grow on me. The thing is...I'm not sure if I want MY initials on the speedy. I was thinking to get my university's and white and the abbreviation PSU as the initials. Now my question this tacky or cool? I think it would definately be eye catching...but in a bad way?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. If thats how you want to be know everytime you use the bag not a good idea IMO
  3. I think it's a great idea...just make sure you carry it to homecoming!
  4. i think it'll be cool if you've got money to spend and nothing on your wishlist, but if you've got a big wishlist, i'd put this last since it'd look awkward carrying it when you're done school, you know? D:
  5. it would be cool
  6. I'm not that big a fan of my school, so I wouldn't do it. :P But if you are really proud of your school, why not? ;)
  7. That's what I think :smile:
  8. not a big fan of the idea... but depends on you! if you like it go for it. :smile: oh and i'm a huuuuuge fan of my university even till now.
  9. Do what is meaningful to you.
  10. actually, I know someone that did her mon monogram with her school color (MIT) after she graduated so it reminds her those fun school years.
  11. eh i would just get the stripes. the initials on the bag i dont like maybe buy a luggage tag to have heat stamped that way you arent stuck with the initials if you get tired of them
  12. I think it all really depends on how you feel about your school. If you really love it, and you want to remember it for a long time, I'd go ahead and do it. Especially, like another poster mentioned, if you don't have a lot of other things on your wish list. You could also order the mon mono with no initials and just your school colors, that's another option and actually probably the one I would go for. Good luck with your decision!
  13. I agree with Nordy's girl, I would go with the colors and no initials!! Cute, classy, spirited!
  14. That's a good idea! Thanks!
  15. I think it is fine to do that if you are a die hard PSU fan for life or if its special to you. It's a great idea.

    I personally would not get my school colors and initials on a mon monogram. I'm so tired of being in college and I'd hate to be reminded of all the papers, exams and late nights I've spent with every glance at the bag. This feeling may change in the future, but I definitely would not buy one ATM.