Mon Monogram Question

Feb 7, 2013
Can it be done at any time? I ordered my bag online and passed on the mon mono but am now thinking I want it...can I take it to the store or can I send it back to be done?


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Jan 13, 2012
Nowhere near you.
It's a custom order and it includes not only the stripes and lettering on the outside, but also the choice of fabric inside. There's no way they're re-doing a pre-existing bag.

Hrm. Although I suppose you could take the bag into your nearest store for a return AND THEN order a mon mono.

One more thought: don't order a mon mono online. Order it in the store because your monitor might now show the colours properly and you'll have little recourse if you're not satisfied with the colour once it's on or in the bag.


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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
No, but you could just return the bag and then order a Mon Monogram? At least you asked this question now, before you used it and got stuck with it!
Feb 7, 2013
Thanks all. I haven't used the bag...I may just return it and repurchase. I still have a little time to decide.