Mon Monogram....Nickname or Initials??

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  1. Hello ladies and gents! First of all may I say I think this forum is great! You all give brilliant advice and if it wasn't for TPF I would never have made The decisions i've made and bought the beautiful handbags I have! :smile:

    Ok, so after seeing all your gorgeous Mon Monogram speedy's, I'm going to the closest LV Boutique (for the first time, I have previously ordered online only!) on Tuesday hopefully, if the snow clears! I'm am hoping to SO the Galliera in Damier Ebene, I already have it in Mono and love it! I'm also wanting to order a Mon monogram speedy with a thick fuschia vertical stripe and thin ivory stripes down the side. I'm thinking of going for the 35, I have a mono 25 and it is too small. Should I have initials (S.K) or my nickname SAF? I'm hoping to get married sometime next year and my initials will change to S. Q and I'm planning on using my speedy for many many years to come! :biggrin:
    Please TPFers! Iv got 2 days to decide!
  2. I'd go for the nickname just because the initials might look a bit silly after you get married.
  3. The nickname! Since you gonna change your last name, and I think a nickname is even more special then initials:smile:

    Sounds like a nice como, I think mine will arrive this week!!!
  4. nickname!
  5. Go for the nickname! :smile:
  6. saf would be cute... :smile:
  7. I agree. Nickname!
  8. I so love the color combination you've decided on.
    I'm liking the nickname idea... it would make your bag that much more uniquely yours!!

    When I did my Mon Mono, I used both the initials of me and DH. Whenever LV decides to do it in Damier, then perhaps I will do a more whimsical one.

    Good Luck in your decision!
  9. I'm very much a girly girl... Hence the colour choice! Lol I do the his n hers initial thing on my Hot Diamonds charm bracelet! Would not do it on the handbag because he does not approve of my LV Fetish!
  10. Very cute!
    In my younger moments, I overkilled on his n hers initials everything. lol
    That's why I want my next Mon Mono to be "fun".
    I can't wait for your reveal!
  11. My mon mono will definitely be my first reveal! I have bought a Galliera since being on TPF but never did a reveal!

    I think seeing my nickname on my handbag will give me a warm mushy feeling! Don't think I would feel the same about my initials. But I still think initials look classier..... What's more important? Looking classy or THAT warm feeling?? I think I know the answer.....!
  12. I love the idea of the Mon Mono! I think your nickname SAF will be really nice. The colours sound beautiful too. Please do a reveal when you receive it!

    Just wondering, how many letters in total do they allow you to put on the Speedys? Is it 2 or 3?
  13. 3 is the maximum and you can choose to have dots between the letters if you wish
  14. nickname!
  15. Any ideas for a fuschia bag charm to go with it? I love the valentine heart charm, do they do it in fuschia? Cannot browse the website as I'm on my iPhone!