mon monogram neverfull.....GONE??????

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  1. omg I am freaking out right now.....I have been planning and fine tuning of what colors I want to get. I am debating between sizes mm or gm and have finally come to a decision and was planning to go to the store this week. So as I am sitting here on the computer just browsing the LV site when I decided to re look at the color choices and I can not find the NF mon monogram anywhere!!!! only the speedy and luggage and slg's. Did anyone hear of it possibly being discontinued? i will be heartbroken!
  2. I know someone tried to order online yesterday and could not. I'd call!
  3. That is the rumor!
  4. I would definitely try calling or maybe working with your SA to order one. I just ordered mine with my SA last week. I hope you're able to get one.
  5. My SA told me I had to order mine through the store so I went in.
  6. it seems so
    perhaps in the store they still can order it
  7. I had no idea!!!! so sad and I was just the store on Thursday, it was a different store then I usually go to and I had asked to see the book of colors and they didnt have one because it was in a Bloomingdales. The SA didn't even mention it to me, to be fair maybe she didnt know, but Im crushed.....I am going to try to call. grrrrrr so angry/sad/bummed...
  8. I just checked online for the Canadian site and the mon-mono NF PM & MM are there , but no mon-mono NF GM...I am shocked they would dis-continue this bag.
    I have the mon-mono NF GM and LOVE it, hopefully you can get it ordered in a store.

  9. I know exactly how you feel, they just removed the Messenger MM Beaubourg from the website and I had been planning on buying it for my next bag for a while. I called and they didn't have any available so I settled for the District MM. I wish you a ton of luck.
  10. ok just got off the phone with 866-LV the mon monogram NF has been temporarily removed from the website due to a new launch that will be coming at the beginning of this month. When the new launch happens the mon mono NF will return to the site. The SA did not get specific with what the new launch was but I am thankful that I did not miss my opportunity. I can still go to the store and order it so I think I will do that to avoid the pending price increase.Phew disaster avoided....
  11. Oh good! I was hoping to get one too at some point. What colors did you decide on?
  12. I'd be tempted to wait and see what the new launch is, maybe it will come with the pochette like the new NF does??
  13. I really like the the bold middle stripe with the 2 smaller outside stripes on the GM. I want Moutarde for the smaller stripes and I keep going back and forth for the middle stripe either Bordeaux or Bleu Marine and the lining will be whatever the bold stripe color i choose. I tend to wear darker colors so even though I really love the Rouge I think its a bit too much for me on the NF maybe a Speedy would look better for me with the brighter color. Its fun to play with all the combos. What colors are you thinking?
  14. Oh, well that makes sense.
  15. I vote bleu marine! But I'm a blue fanatic. I'm thinking dark purple and navy. Doesn't sound right, but they actually look pretty together.