Mon Mono Speedy 30 or Tivoli PM? Your Thoughts Please....

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Tivoli PM or Mon Mono Speedy 30

  1. Tivoli PM

  2. Mon Mono

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    I really need a handheld monogram bag to round out my collection :P have narrowed my choices down to a Tivoli PM or a Mono Mono Speedy 30. I love the shape (and pleat) of the Tivoli (so chic) but adore the uniqueness of the Mon Mono. Otherwise I'm not really interested in a regular Mono Speedy. Do you think the Mon Mono is just a passing fad? I realise the Tivoli is slightly smaller size wise but its still an ok size for me.

    My other day to day hand-held bags are an Azur 30 and a Ebene Ribera. I'm not a "trendy" person (more classic) and if I had a Mon Mono it would be considered "wow" for me!

    And also, I'm late 30's, is it ok to carry a bag with my initials on? LOL Will it be ok 10 years from now or look a bit :lol:?

    Hmm, don't know what do to! :nuts:

    Which one do you think is the better option?
  2. I love the mon mono. It is so personal! And if you love it, it will always be in style. I do know that come fall, they will do mon mono on if you're not a huge fan of the speedy, how about holding out for a mon mono NF?
  3. Oh thanks, I didn't know that! Personally for me, I prefer a hand-held for daily use. I have a Mono GM but only really use it for travelling. But a Mon Mono NF would also look stunning!
  4. Have a look in the Mon mono clubhose for inspiration on colours ect. And also, remember that you CAN get a mon mono without the letters, just stripes, and then it might be easier to pass on down the line if you might be thinking about that.
  5. I have the Tivoli PM and I really love it! Especially the zipper!
    But the past few days I'm thinking about getting a Mon Mono Speedy - it's so personal. But as a I'm not married yet I'm worried that the letters on it may change a bit too soon. (imo a handbag should last at least 5 years!)
    I suggest to get the Tivoli you can always get a Mon Mono later!

    (I know it's not really a good answer!)
  6. I'm not crazy about the lettering on the mon mono, so I voted tivoli!
  7. I am also not a big fan of mon mono. I have a speedy and I also have a tivoli on the way. I vote plain speedy or tivoli. Good luck deciding.
  8. Tivoli
  9. I am not a fan of mon mono - to me it's just another speedy with initials! But the Tivoli PM is beautiful and one of my all-time favourites.
  10. I'm older than you and I adore my mon mono speedy. I wouldn't own a speedy otherwise, just not interested in it. I do like the Tivoli but the mon mono is so unique. I love having a bag that was made just for me :biggrin:
  11. Not a fan of Mon Mono. I vote for Tivoli, I think it is VERY chic.:graucho:
  12. tivoli pm
  13. Tivoli ;)
  14. Mon Mono! It's beautiful and such a classic. I dont think you'd look silly carrying at all.
  15. i am such a big fan of the tivoli, I find it so practical for everyday use:woohoo: