Mon Mono Fuschia color ?

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  1. Hi TPF,
    For those of you who own a Mon Mono piece in Fuchsia, is the Fuchsia color like the older neverfull interior (a deep pink, almost like Pivoine) or is it brighter like a Hot pink ? On the LV website it looks almost like Pivoine but on some pictures and youtube videos I've seen it looks more like a Hot pink ? :confused1:

    I really want a Neverfull GM Mono but I'm not fond of the Pivoine or beige, so I am thinking of getting a Mon Mono with Fuchsia / Black. Of course I will go to the boutique when I get a chance before I decide on the colors. :cool:
  2. Anybody ? :frown:
  3. When I got my Mon Mono agenda a few years ago, I originally wanted to get the Fuchsia and cream colour for the stripe, but then they showed me a couple of sample pieces in it and it was very bright in person, so I opted for another colour instead. To me it was closer to hot pink. Hope this helps!
  4. That's very helpful thanks LuxMommy ! Sounds like it is exactly the color I'm looking for ! I will have to go see it in person.:yahoo:
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  5. It is brighter than the fuchsia they used for the NF lining for sure. It is more of a bright, true fuchsia pink in the mon mono bags. You really should try to see in person. I love the color and am so glad I picked it. Mine is with the dark blue.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468185076.149529.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468185086.984992.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468185098.190764.jpg

    Here are some Picts from my reveal a couple of years ago. I think the color in the pouch came out the most true to life.
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  7. Is it the same shade of fuchsia used in the interior of the wallets (e.g. the adele, emilie, etc)?
  8. It's definitely not the same as I have neverfull, Clemence and 6 key holder with monogram fuschia and it's darker than the mon monogram fuschia which is more a hot pink. I have the agenda with ivory and it's a lively colour just not the same
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  9. It's more of a bright and happy hot pink!
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  10. Beautiful ! I think that's exactly the color I was looking for ! :love: