Mon Mono colour advice?

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  1. I've decided to get myself a beautiful Mon Mono at the end of this month. I've chosen Grey for the thinner outer stripe but am still trying to figure out the thick inner stripe and lining colour, which will be the same as don't want grey. I've narrowed it down to 3.
    1. Violet and Grey
    2. Navy Blue and Grey
    3. Fuchsia and Grey

    Think the pink will be too bright for me and veering towards the blue as I wear a lot of jeans and blues but purple is my favourite colour.

    I've seen pics of the Fuchsia on here but can't find any clear ones od the Violet, it looks blue??

    Anyone have a photo of the Navy?

    What do you think?

    Btw initials will be grey on top colour below

    Thanks xxx
  2. I think the blue will be lovely and will compliment the gray nicely!
  3. I think the pink makes it a spring/summer bag.
    I love purple too, but if you worry about "matching" your clothes, it might limit you.
    Navy seems to make it a year round bag. Very classic and conservative. JMO

    What bag are you getting?
  4. I agree the pink is more for summer. It's definitely seems I'm between the navy and violet. I tend to wear blues and neutral colours and think purple would match well. I have a dark night balenciaga city which is a very dark blue so the purple would be a change and I think its quiet subtle?

    A MM Neverfull. My first LV!
  5. My favorite color is pink. I never ever wear it, but it makes me happy. When I got my Mon Mono I got the pink and it doesn't match anything I wear, but I don't care. I carry it in the summer only. Here's mine.

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  6. I just ordered pink and yellow. Haven't gotten it yet. Going on four weeks. Check out the Mon Monogram club for more pics and ideas.
  7. That's beautiful. I've been searching the threads still haven't seen a good pic of the blue or violet which is currently on
  8. For reference, this is the Violet. I know what you mean re it looking blue in pictures but it does look more this colour in real life

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    I like option #2, then option #1. Either would look really pretty, IMO. The color choice compliment each other nicely. I agree with the about comments that the pink is more for summer.... I have the fuchsia/ orange combo on my Speedy B and use the bag for summer.
    Here is my mon mono.... Could not get it to rotate, but you get the idea. :lol:

    **When I looked at the color swatches, I do remember that the Violet had A LOT of blue undertones, so either would be nice!

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  10. I love the pink/orange combo and had I been more daring would have chosen it. Thanks for the info re the Violet having blue undertones. And the pic of the violet bag above is a great help!
  11. Will post the blue and gray combo later today in this thread and a reveal.
  12. I know.... really hard to decide, right?? I almost made myself crazy, I knew I wanted the pink and decided to go for the orange at the last minute for something bright. :smile: I am looking forward to the bag getting some more patina, as I think it will look even better. All of my other bags are neutral/ pretty conservative so I decided to get something different.

    GL and let us know what you decide!
  13. Roch thanks that will be fab!
    Yoga girl I know its really hard! At the moment its violet then blue...pinks out now, which is progress i suppose! ;)
  14. I vote for the navy shade of blue. I think it would be a gorgeous combo and I've considered it myself but with the blue interior.
  15. This is mine. I love bright color on mon monogram. Now i am still waiting for neverfull MM. Still 4 weeks to go. I ordered the same color with my zippy wallet with fushia inside. :smile: