Mon Avie - Acai nuts from Brazil

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  1. I bought this and I am about halfway done with the bottle. Does anyone here
    take this?- Is it a fad/racket? or is it really good for you......, would like to know,
    before going on with it!!!!!!:heart:H
  2. The only aspect I dislike about these drinks is the marketing that comes with it. You simply can't buy the juice without the seller pressuring you to become a seller yourself. It turns me off. When it boils down to it, it's a multi level marketing scheme.

    Here's some more info about the acai berry (what primarily makes up Mona Vie):
  3. I feel the same way about the almost pyramid effect type of marketing. Thank you for the info on the acai berry. I am going to continue taking it for a couple more bottles,
    even though it is kind of expensive, to see if I see or feel any difference in my next blood counts, cholesterol counts., etc. Thanks again.:heart:H

  4. lol i love how they market it to be like 'sexy' in a wine bottle. rediculous.
  5. What I find even more interesting still is the fact that we have never had a single food source before with “every single essential nutrient and trace element that humans need.” (Quote by Dr. Andrew Schauss.) I don’t know what that means to you, but to me that sounds a lot like we don’t need to eat anything else… Just eat enough Acai and we’re perfectly fueled.
    Once I can get my hands on enough Acai at a reasonable price, I plan to test this theory out on myself. Until then, the fact that Dr. Schauss has also reported that at least one tribe in the Amazon eats nothing at all but the Acai berry, then that says it all to me. It’s simply everything we need… And then some.
  6. My grandfather started drinking this sometime early this year. He is 86 years old and HAD brown spots all over him (you know when you get older those brown spots you get) anyway they are all fading away, Most are completely gone... So I started drinking it hoping for better skin and some weightloss affects. I feel that it did help in both of those aspects... I stopped drinking it for awhile becuase its very expensive and the only local place it get it is over 1 hour away. I could def tell a difference and have just started drinking it again. I think its great.
  7. I have got an australian link I found on my travels. It is a site called "Magic Berry"... the url is and they cover just about everything you need to know about the acai berry...

    I have just started taking Monavie myself after a lot of deciding whether to sign up or not and I have found that it has helped me with my sleeping patterns and overall feeling of well being...
  8. I was introducee to this by my cousin that has been taking it for months now, his whole family is. Currently him and his wife are both off the meds the were taking for cholesterol and high blood pressure. He brought me a case of it over Spring break and I'm totally hooked! My skin is so much more supple and the wrinkles I had been contemplating surgery for are gone. And I am positive that the wonders it is doing on the outside of my body are happening on the inside in even greater amounts. So as Charles said it is one of those crazy pyramid things but I don't care, I became a distributor and the only people I'm dead set on selling to is my loved ones who need it. I just recently put the link in my signature because I wanted to give people a way to buy it if they were curious about it. I'm not a salesperson but I do know what is it doing for me and my family:tup:
  9. I have some severe food allergies (one of them being shrimp and some other shellfish). I have to carry around and Epi-pen at all times, because I get very short of breath immediately and heart palpitations after consuming something that even has small traces of certain foods.
    Anyway, back to the point, a co-worker became a "distributor" for this Mona-Vie stuff and brought some to work for all of us to sample. I had about a shot-glass size amount and within minutes my skin turned really red and tingly, my throat got very tight and my heart was beating out of my chest! I was having a severe allergic reaction. My boss started to panic and wanted to call 911! The damn stuff contains SHRIMP!!! I swear that stuff has everything in it!!! LOL!
    I do take Acai supplements in capsule formula. I get them from and it is the NSI Acai Berry capsules and they are pretty cheap. Much cheaper than the Mona-vie. Also, if you have a Whole Foods near you, they carry Acai berry juice in their shelved juice aisle (not in the chilled area). It is also much cheaper.
  10. ^UGH.Im deathly allergic to shellfish too(I carry an epi pen too)..I think its all bologna!
    If u eat and exercise,eat a well balanced diet.....u dont need anything!
  11. Didn't they say that about pomegranates a while back?
  12. how funny ... two hours ago two ladies knocked on my door saying for me to come to a tasting party next door ... and then they handed me this flyer for the mona vie drink. what a coincidence i happened on this thread today! haha ... but i think i might go and give it a try ...
  13. I've never had monavie before but there are many beneficial products out here. I am taking one myself. However, people complain about prices. Some of these purses costs hundreds of dollars and I don't see anyone complaining about the price. It's kind of hypocritical to me.

  14. I was recently informed that they no longer contain shellfish in their products. This was the very reason why. So many people were allergic so they took it out. So now it's 100% juice. I hear a lot of great things about it, and I myself joined in.
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