Moms with younger kids - question

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  1. Do you use your Chloe when you take you kid(s) out? I'm so nervous about getting food, drinks, etc spilled in or on my beloved Bay! :nogood:

    On the other hand, I hate using my not so pretty bag all weekend!:crybaby:

  2. Interesting topic...:goodpost:

    I have a 4 yo girl and a 21 mo boy... The girl is an angel, the boy is a cheeky monkey...

    I am not afraid of taking my black quilted bay or my mini choco paddy with the children... the leather seems to be so resistant...

    I am not so keen on carrying my whiskey edith because of its size and i try to avoid the choco betty because she is my favourite:love: and i want her to last a lifetime...

    The amount of junk i carry increases when i am out with the children,:sweatdrop: so it restricts my choice of bags...

    Like you, i hate taking "lesser" bags :Push:when I go out or meet my parents (who shouldnt know much about my collection)... I try to wear my chloes even when taking/picking the children to/from school... there's nobody to equal my modest collection in the small village where I live!:wlae:
  3. I have 2 year old twin girls and use my Chloe bags daily. I think of them as really hardy (the bags- not the kids, though they are quite resilient too). I do handle the bags with care and try to place them out of harm's way. i can't actually think of anytime anything has been spilt on one, though I do remember that I once had to drop one down on the stones in the garden to grab a child who was running for the road outside.

    Once I had the child in my grasp I inspected the underside of my bag for the damage I was sure was going to be there- scratched, grazed leather, but the bag was perfect, no sign of trauma. I think these bags are incredibly durable- particularly the paddies, maybe not so much the unquilted bay, that leather seems a bit more delicate.

    I do not ever let my girls near my Zagliani python bag though- the idea of that fills me with horror.
  4. I've been thinking about this myself lately ~ I have a nine year old and a two year old. To be fair ~ my two year old is a very laid back and gentle and a little sweetie really, so with him I have always used my designer bags. BUT, when my nine year old was a toddler there's NO WAY I would have used my designer bags around her ~ as she was as busy and naughty as can be, (She's growing out of it..... slowly):P
  5. Ditto, I've been thinking about the same thing. I have a 17month old son and he is extremly busy. I have the cream color edith shoulder bag that I'm scared to carry around him. Therefore, it's been sitting in my closet since I brought back in 12/07. However, I do however carry my denim logo Chloe bag around him.

    I luv big bags, but don't like carrying a big purse and diaper bag. So, I tend to use my big bag (denim logo Chloe) as a diaper bag.
  6. I have a 12mth. baby girl and a 4yr boy and I carry my Chloe's all the time( even my Ava, which I find more delicate than my other bags). My biggest concern when I'm out with the kids is the weight of my bags, but this could also be because all my bags are dark colors.
  7. I went to the playground with my children and took my paddy...
    It did fine... apart from a toddler insisting on sticking the key in the keyhole.. which didnt bother me, rather amused me...
    Everyone likes the paddy, even little children!
  8. LOL! Yep...I understand about kids loving the paddy lock! My 3 year old son also loves to use the key on the lock of my paddy whenever he can get his hands on it. My 4 year old daughter also seems to have a thing for the lock!

    I only started buying high end bags when my son turned 2, as before then I hardly ever went out as my kids ages are very close together, so it was a bit of a mission to go out alone. When we went out with my husband I used to use a large tote style bag as I had to take all the baby essentials with me 'times two' so no high end bag would have fit all of that inside any way:lol:
  9. I have a 7-year old boy and a 3-year old daughter and I use my Chloé bags with them all the time. I have the feeling they are very sturdy and I want to use them all the time, too! The only one I haven't used yet is the cream coloured Maggie, it's the light colour and the delicate leather and also, I wanted to wait some time before pulling out that bag in front of my husband, since I feel guilty about buying so many Chloé bags in such a short time (5 now, I have a small patent black Betty on my way, too, I have to keep that one hidden, too... I feel really ridiculous doing that, but then I also feel I behaved greedily... Well, I hope my hunger for Chloé bags will be stilled for some time and most of the bags were really great great deals!!!)
  10. I think my concern isn't as much my DD hurting the bag, as much as me not wanting to have to stuff it with food and drinks that could spill or be crumby/sticky. I also don't want to stuff it to the gills with diapers, wipes, etc.

    I think when we're out of diapers, and she's not quite as snack oriented, I'll be able to bring it out.
  11. What a shame not to use your bags - I have 2 boys 8 & 5, and it's nice to have them out of the baby (taking half the house with you everywhere) stage. I must admit I didn't indulge in bags until the younger one was 2.

    Chloe bags are pretty resilient - I would make the effort to try to use them - keeping the food & drinks in a separate little backpack or something...

    Practical is not always fun!
  12. ^ I work out of the house 4 days a week, so I ALWAYS take the Bay to work, you're right though, once she's a little bigger I'll probably ditch the diaper bag once and for all.

  13. I am the same... I carry a baby bjorn bag for nappies and other stuff and my chloes in the same arm as my toddler, who is about 30 pounds now, so my left arm is getting very strong...
    For some strange reason, my son only feels that he is being carried when he is placed on my left hip, not the right... he kicks and screams and i just have to give in!
  14. At the moment I have no kids...but I´m going to have one in 14 months, more or less,(adopted, from Ethiopia :heart: :yes:) and I´m afraid about thinking about my loved bags (I have only totes, no shoulders bags at all :shrugs:) sleeping in my closet because of the baby :confused1: (I have only two arms...)...
    ...Though I prefer the baby than a Chloe :yes::girlsigh:.
  15. ^How old will your baby be when you get he or she? Congratulations on your adoption, I think anyone who adopts has the biggest :heart: in the world.