Mom's with bag fetishes

  1. Ok, so I have a ton of bags, and I just had a baby, and not one of those crazy designer bags will now house all the junk I have to haul around.

    So now I've started my cool diaper bag collection. I bought a bag from Nest that looks just like a Gucci bag I once coveted :yahoo:

    When I've got a few more (and I know I will) I'll post some pics.
  2. I'm also a bag addicted mamma! :smile: For diaper bags, I like to use my Vera Bradley bag. It's very roomy, has great compartments and what I love most - I can wash it in case anything happens!
  3. You MUST have a Not Rational Fab or Hansel for a baby/day/mommy bag! I use mine for work and baby! It is the most functional bag I have! I love it! Not to mention the leather is sumptious and gorgeous!
  4. I have a Nest diaper bag too!! I have the Black studded leather one that Heidi Klum carries. Rachelgreen, I was looking at the one you have, thinking I need to get another. The fetish continues...:yes:
  5. I just bought a new Nest diaper bag a few weeks ago on I am SOOO in love with the bag and I get multiple compliments a day. I saw Heidi Klum wearing it in People magazine and worked for two weeks to track it down since they seem to be a relatively new company. It was worth the trouble because I love owning something that looks so good but no one else has. Originally I wanted the black whipstitch style but they were apparently sold out so I purchased the platinum shimmer color. With gold hardware it looks like such a sophisticated bling bag. I hope that I look like the MILF I wanna be.
  6. You should check out the Kate Spade sample sale-they had them in the baby section on sale. :smile:
    [​IMG]nylon large baby bag $215
    sale $89 [​IMG]

    Someone gave the code "welcome2katespade" for free shipping as well.
  7. I remember going in to Gucci 4 years ago looking for a diaper bag. The SA told me that is not the direction Gucci is going :rolleyes:.....well, what do you know....not too long after that SJP was given on of the first Gucci DIAPER BAGS!

    I had several Kate Spades back when she first came out but my main diaper bag was my LV large bucket.