moms, what is your typical day in life like?

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  1. Most ppl would think that being a stay home mom is easy and not doing much the whole day. I thought so before until I've become one recently. Life is a big change for me from a working career women to now a SHAM with my new born. Besides constantly nursing and changing the baby, I also try to clean and cook in the house. I dont think I've worked so hard in my life before but I am happy. I am just hoping I can somehow manage to find time to do stuff I used to do, like go workout. Share with me what your life is like as a mom....
  2. It is by far, the hardest job I've ever had, but also the most rewarding. Just when I think I have it figured out, the routines change on me. I am a big believer in schedules, so my kids know when to expect meals, bed time, etc. My kids are 4 and 5, so we don't have nap time anymore. They usually get up at about 7:30 every morning, go to bed at 8:00 every night, and in between is lots of craziness. They play a lot together and they also fight a lot. I really try to be patient with them, but when they are yelling at me when I'm on the phone after I've asked them a billion times to please be quiet when mommy's on the phone, it can be extremely challenging. You learn as you go. Try not to isolate yourself too much. I was guilty of that. Make sure that you still make time for yourself, your friends, etc. I know how hard it can be sometimes. There were days when I didn't even have time to take a shower. It does get easier.
    Congrats on becoming a mom. Enjoy your little one.
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    Well life with a NB is never easy, but it does get better, so hang in there.

    Emily is almost 9 months and pretty set in her routine, that is a huge plus. We do have a housekeeper that comes in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that helps a lot. Somethings, that I have found that helps, do 1-2 loads of laundry a day, so it never builds up. Also, I always cooking enough food to last at least 2 meals, so I usually only cook twice a week. I always cook Sunday dinner, left overs on Monday, Tuesday will be left overs or something simple; soup, salad, etc. I cook Wed, leftovers Thursday. Friday (hockey night), boys eat early before hockey, again simple; soup, salad, leftovers etc. Saturday we either go out or get take out.

    Sorry, I am probably one of those moms, who has it pretty easy

    My typical day (m-f)

    Up between 7-8: I usually grab a quick shower when I first hear her stirring. It takes her a good 15 -30 minutes to fully wake up and start 'squaking' to get up. Feed Emily, 1 load of laundry, general pick up. Check e-mail, tPF, other boards, etc.

    9:30 Emily's morning nap: If I have any errands to do or have mani/pedi appt, etc this is when I do it. My 20 year old or 16 year old will babysit, they don't mind since she usually sleeps through most it. 1 More load of laundry if needed. *When the boys go back to school, I am thinking about finding a part time daycare for mornings, because, I love this time get what I need to do done.

    11:30 Emily up, feed her & the boys lunch. After we usually play in the pool or have some floor time together, go to the park, etc...basically summer fun time:smile:

    2:30 Emily afternoon nap. Quiet time, DEAR (drop everything and read) for mom and the boys, relax by the pool, sometimes nap.

    4:30 Emily up, she has some fruit and watches mom either cook or just warm up dinner.

    5 ish dinner time

    6:00 pick up after dinner, bath time, etc.

    7:00 Dad takes Emily to the park, sometimes they boys tag along, sometimes not. I usually take a bath.

    8:00 Emily bed time, time with the boys; in the pool again, ping pong, board games etc.

    9:00 quiet time, usually only time of the day the boys watch TV.

    9:30 9 year old bedtime, 16 will watch TV, read, play on the computer until 10:30 ish (if he is home)....Mom and Dad time, have a glass of wine, catch up, etc.

    11:00 bed

    *Fridays boys have hockey, so I drop them off at the rink (where dad meets them) for practice, they usually get home around 8:00.

    Saturdays are lots of hockey for boys and dad. Mom and Em, usually go shopping or just 'hang' out together.

    Sunday: AM a little gardening, the rest of the day is just relax/ family time. Cook about 4 and dinner at 5.

    I must admit, I love being a SAHM, and I know I really do have it pretty easy. I worked FT until about 3 years ago, when I went to PT, then consulting and now almost FT SAHM. I never thought I would like it,being a 'career minded' gal for almost 20 years. but I do love it!

    ETA: it seems like Emily sleeps a lot, but learning for the boys, we never put her down asleep. When she goes to bed at 8, she plays and talks any where from 15 minutes up to an hour sometimes before she settles down...and like I mentioned earlier when she wakes up she almost always plays for another 15- 30 minutes before she stands up in her crib and starts calling out to be picked up. In total she actually sleeps about 14 hours a day.
  4. It's definitely the hardest job I've ever had. Some days, I wish I still worked outside the home. Here's a typical day for me (I'm also pregnant so I'm very tired most days.).

    8-8:30 son wakes up - change him, and feed him his breakfast then playtime

    10:00 get him dressed for the day and run errands/get myself dressed

    11:30-12:30 hope he takes an hour nap. I use this time to nap myself!

    12:30 son wakes up - feed him his lunch then playtime

    3:30 nap time again...I try to pick up around the house

    5:00 son wakes up - feed him dinner then more playtime

    6:30 bathtime then play some more

    6:45 get dinner going for myself and and cleanup

    Hubby plays with DS until he's sleepy around 8:30

    8:30-9 baby goes to bed...aaah, finally a moment of peace!

    11:30 I take a shower and relax in bed with internet or a book

    Then it repeats LOL, no days off!

  5. i have read the same thing: baby should be tired but not asleep when putting them down for a nap. my friend does this with her baby who is almost 3 and to this day she is still a very good sleeper. sometimes when i'm over their house i'm amazed at how her daughter will just play or talk to herself in her crib for a good bit before falling asleep without thinking, 'i want to be with the adults downstairs.' lol

    i'm not a mommy yet but i enjoyed reading what a typical day is like for SAHMs...definitely the hardest job there is!
  6. It only gets harder...But rewarding...
  7. lol...I think it only gets easier. NBs, to me, were always the hardest
  8. I salute you :urock: and all stay-at-home-moms who love what they do. I love being a mom but I don't have the constitution, mindset or what ever you want to call it to be around them all the time. This may make me sound awful but it's true. I envy women (and men) who have what it takes. It's a much tougher job then working 8-5 and still getting dinner on the table.
  9. NBS, toddler stage( break) theTween stage and Teenager stage!!! Not easy those years...
  10. I agree with tink that the newborn stage is hard. My DD is now almost 5 months and I started enjoying her more and more when she turned 4 months. There is more interaction at 4 months and it starts feeling that they are loving you back after all you are doing for them!
  11. Thank you all for sharing!
    I wish I will have a set of daily schedule like you guys with my 3 month old soon :biggrin:
  12. 6am-7am - our DS wakes up, he gets changed and has some milk.

    7am-8am - I lock DS in bathroom with me (I shower, he plays!).

    8am-9am - breakfast then play time; sometimes I clean while DS plays.

    9-9:30am - DS goes down for a nap; sometimes, I nap too since I am PG and tired!

    10:30-11am - Ds wakes up and we have different activites like Storytime at the library, Little Gym or something with the Mom's Club. DS gets a snack.

    12:30pm-1pm - lunch.

    1pm-3:30pm - run errands/grocery shop/playtime for DS; snack for DS.

    3:30pm-4pm - DS goes down for a nap; do some laundry or cleaning.

    5pm-5:30pm - DS wakes up.

    6pm - dinner.

    7pm-8pm - we usually go for a walk and then playtime with Daddy!

    8pm-9pm - DS goes to bed.

    9pm-10pm - Mommy and Daddy time!

    10pm - usually bedtime for Mommy :P

    I probably forgot something, but that is basically it...I wonder how it will be adding another one into the mix?!!?!?
  13. wow, congrats on the coming one!

    I dont know when I can go to bed by 10pm again. Still up till 2am everyday to pump and feed. I feel like my morning is a waste sleeping in besides feeding the baby.
  14. ^^^LOL! Don't will come (I never thought it would!) I BF for 7 months and was up at least every night at 10pm, 1am and 4am for feedings...then he started STTN (sleeping through the night) at 9 months and I finally got some sleep :biggrin:
  15. Oh wow, your post just gave me a glimmer of hope! :yahoo: My DD is almost 5 months and I still BF at 10 pm, 2 am and 6 am. I was wondering when I am able to get more than 4 hrs of sleep at a time!