Moms w/ kids! Let's chat!

  1. What's your favorite brands? Clothes?

    I'll start. . . obviously I'm back to school shopping so this is heavy on my mind right now!:lol:

    Some of my faves are: Oilily, Jottum, Mim-Pi, Catamini and Baby Nay
  2. My three year old son wears big boy brands now: Diesel, True Religion, Lacoste, Juicy, Burberry, Small Paul, InkyDink and Appaman t-shirts, Charlie Rocket, tons of Polo. For dress up stuff, Best & Co, Bonpoint, Cacherel and Henry & Flora. Only Naturino for shoes. Oilily was my favorite when he was 1 & 2. I love the whimsy of their designs AND once he was done with it I sold a lot of it on ebay, sometimes for more than I paid for some hard to find stuff. A lot of it I kept, though..tooo cute not to keep!

    My 11 year old daughter wears what most of the teens here seem to wear: TONS of Juicy, True Religion, 7FAMK, Primp, See by Chloe, Junk Food t-shirts, Ella Moss, Submarine. For dress up, Monkey Wear, Simonetta, Bluemarine Girl, Moschino. Oh, and trimmings by Louis Vuitton, of course!

    I love clothes shopping for my kids because I hate to do it for myself!
  3. I love it too!

    Wow, I thought we had some Moms here!? :sad:
  4. I'm not a mom, but I discovered Oilily in Holland and I think its super cute! That's my two cents. ;)
  5. I'm a mom! My son's two and a half. He's very tall for his age and he wears a size 4-5 in shirts, size 4 in pants.

    I mostly shop at consignment stores, thrift stores and garage sales for him since he outgrows stuff so quickly, and I can find great stuff that's almost brand new. I also sell all of his outgrown stuff on consignment. The brands that seem to show up most and hold up the best are Baby Gap, Please Mum (a Canadian store), and Gymboree.

    When I do buy new, it's usually from Please Mum or Old Navy. Also, WalMart, Zellers and Real Canadian Superstore. Those things aren't usually accepted at my consignment store, though, so I only get stuff there that I know he'll wear out, like cheap t-shirts and pyjamas.

    Ack, his clothes get wrecked or outgrown so fast these days that I can't bring myself to buy anything too expensive :shrugs:. I've discovered that "washable" paints are only washable if you wash them immediately, LOL (guess I should've read the instructions more carefully - and made him wear a smock).

    As for shoes, I'm kind of divided. The more expensive ones are definitely much better quality but he grows out of them so fast that it's almost not worth it. I got fed up with cheap runners from Payless and Zellers that had crappy velcro, so I bought a pair of expensive StrideRites (on sale, thank God), and they were great but he outgrew them too fast. I did buy cheap sandals this summer since I knew they'd probably get worn to death at the beach, sandbox, etc. I got the CUTEST pair of faux-Birkenstocks at Old Navy that he just loves. They're starting to wear out after a couple of months of almost daily wear but they only cost about $6 so who cares? They won't fit him next summer anyway. I also got a pair of cheap Spiderman sandals that he can wear in the water

    I had bought a pair of fancy European leather sandals at a thrift store (they were $1.99 and I found them online for about $50 new!)...but he never wears them because they have buckles that are a pain to do up. He takes his shoes off all the time and I got fed up with fiddling around with the buckles. I :heart: velcro!

    Hmmm...maybe we should have thread about the best second hand finds you've made! I found him a gorgeous, almost new Land's End jacket at a thrift store for $5, Baby Gap raincoat for $2, Thomas the Tank Engine flashing runners for $1.49, Finding Nemo flashing sandals for $1.49...lots of stuff. Am I the only one on here who loves thrift stores?
  6. ^I too don't dress up my boys much.
    For holidays I may put them in Burberry, but I can get it all back on eBay.
    I usually dress them in Gap, Gymboree or Children's Place.
    There's a great market on eBay of boutique designers that make one of a kinds custom to fit kids, I shop there a lot too!
  7. Heya Swanky..... Im a momma of every age and style. A teen daughter OY! and 2 boys 9 and 3 years.
    As for Krista, it her first year of H.S. so shes into AE, Hollister, you know everything that breaks the bank for one T-shirt. LOL!! And Kyle 9yrs. likes quiksilver and O'niell. And Reed, well Target works great!! They outgrow everything so freakin fast!
  8. I love Ralph Lauren for my 19 months old son. I sometimes shop at consignment store or ebay for his house clothes.
  9. I love Ralph Lauren stuff for little boys! I've never bought it new but I did find a couple of the cutest sweater vests at a kids gear swap meet. Sooooooo adorable.

    Actually, I love dressing him in anything like that - little chinos, polo shirts, button-down shirts, etc. Unfortunately, he's hitting the stage where he demands a lot more input into what he's wearing, which usually ends up being totally crazy and mismatched :lol: . Still cute, though.
  10. It's funny but my daughter age 7 has definite taste in what she will or will NOT wear. She is in to pastel colors--nothing dark, no boy colors, will not wear black at all. She has some cute Oilily stuff, love their outlet store in Orlando. She seems to be in to this Bobby Jack monkey logo design that all the girls are wearing now. I bought her some cute outfits for school. She loves dresses and skirts or skorts. She has pretty April Cornell dresses that flow and are just too cute. I am sure we will hit Gap before school and who knows where else we will look.

    My son who is 10 is in to the surfer/skateboard look. He gets nice things at a local surf shop. Cargo jeans and shorts are still big and all the kids seems to wear them. They also wear those shiny sports shorts with the elastic waist-which I hate....... He like Gap, Junco and anything from the surf shop. Loves Van sneakers, which I like too. He is pretty easy to dress and is comfortable in anything he wears. He never gives me a problem while we shop-he is OK with most things. He does wear Tommy H and Ralph Lauren which seem to be well made and last long. One online store I love is called Boden USA-they are from UK but have some great clothing. I bought both kids so many cute stuff on sale last year and hope they have a end of summer sale so I can stock up.
  11. ^^I love Mini Boden! I just got their catalog out of the blue and I'm going to buy some of their boy's stuff for fall.
  12. My 9 year old son wears uniform to school, his team track suit to hockey and uniform to tae kwon doe which saves me from buying tons of clothes during school year. Otherwise, it's GAP kids for casual wear and Polo for when he golfs.:smile:
  13. Yes! Forgot about RL for the boys!
    I also LOVE Mini-Boden! GREAT stuff in the most recent catalog!:yes:
  14. I'm not a mom but I have a niece on the way and I've already started buying TONS of baby clothes for her. I love RL baby and DKNY. Baby Gap and Old Navy are great for essentials.For shoes it's baby Nike Shox and the cutest pink Timberland booties.
  15. My kids will be in pre-k and K this year. I buy tons of Lands End, LL Bean (I know, kind of plain!), Gymboree, GAP and Hanna Anderson (my fave).