Moms take your kids to see Hannah Montana 3D, its good!

  1. I wasn't going to spend $2000 on a ticket for the Hannah Montana concert when it came around and I felt bad my daughter didnt see her. So I took her to see it in the theater this weekend and it was pretty neat. The 3D effect made you feel like you were really there. I figured it was going to be all screaming kids etc. (my daughter is 14) but it was actually a fun time.

    It was well worth it, and you got decent 3D glasses LOL not the cheap cardboard kind. So if any of you moms are hesitant, I say go you wont be disappointed.
  2. anyone hear yet if this is being released to dvd? i would think so. my 18 month old loves HM. she loves to dance. we listen in the car a lot. since she's so little i'm not going to take her to the theater, especially since it's 3D.