Mom's New Gift

  1. Me and My dad got my mom this really nice watch yesterday. Can U guess the brand and price??? hehe she love it but she complains the diamonds take away from the actual time lol. :confused1:

    sorry about the pic i didnt really size it that well.
  2. anyone know?
  3. Not a clue: the watch+bracelet look a bit like Cartier Santos Demoiselle but Cartier don't make a watch with this much ice on the dial (and without the secret Cartier signature) so I give up :p.
  4. Is there anything descriptive printed on the inside of the band or the back of the face?
  5. not really thats why i started this thread cuz it was such an elegant piece but i was kinda unsure on the designer. On the back of the watch it says italy gold 18k there is a serial nummer of #04 on the back. We paid about $13,000 for it.
  6. could the diamonds be aftermarket?
  7. It is really nice.
  8. no, the watch was purchased from a very popular jeweler here in red bank new jersey.
  9. Could you ask the jeweler where it's from?

    Let me clarify...I asked if it's aftermarket diamonds because I know some places do this, and maybe that's why you can't find a name on it? I was just trying to help by throwing out ideas. =)
  10. You paid $13k and don't know the brand?
  11. Sorry to say No
  12. i wish i knew more about jewlery and aftermaket stuff lol maby they are i really dont know.
  13. It looks like a bracelet?,it has too many diamonds IMO,its a bit nuevo riche maybe get her a nice rolex with subtle diamonds,or a nice Chanel J21 with some bling?
  14. it does have a little to many diamonds but thats what she likes so me and my dad agreed that this was the perfect watch for her and she really does love it.
  15. Thats nice,but didnt you say something how "it takes away from the time". If your mom loves the bling Chopard makes beautiful watch's,also maybe jacob &co. Both watch companies have bling,also they have full watch faces :love: