Mom’s new beauty!

  1. B9D79955-764D-45C0-A671-D891D41F65E7.jpeg My mom couldn’t wait to show me her new bag. Don’t mind the Ralph Lauren robe and pjs! :giggle:
  2. Aww nice!
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  3. Very nice!!!
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  4. Beautiful !
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  5. Very pretty!
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  6. Thank you!:biggrin:
  7. Beautiful! Seems like she's already enjoying it.
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  8. Thank you!:heart:
  9. Thank you!:happydance:
  10. Thank you! :cool:
  11. She sure is. As usual, she said she’s bringing it to church this weekend so it can be blessed. Lol!!!!!
  12. love this color combo!
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  13. It’s something different, love it too! :heart:
  14. This one is so pretty!
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  15. Lovely choice for your mom!
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