moms late Cynthia reveal

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  1. Better late than never!!;) got this for her birthday..
    071.JPG 072.JPG 073.JPG
  2. Pretty!
  3. I love it
  4. Gorgeous! :loveeyes:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. OMG very nice! :woot:
  7. beautiful bag!!
  8. Gorgeous. Love it!
  9. This is a really nice bag! Hadn't seen it before..your Mom must be very happy :tup:
  10. Classic bag. Love the color and style.
  11. thanks!! yeah she loves it:smile:
  12. Looks like the perfect everyday bag that can be dressed up or down.
  13. I've seen this one IRL and it's absolutely beautiful!!!! Your Mom's a lucky woman!!!
  14. So pretty! I've never seen this before ~ lucky Mom!!!
  15. Very nice!!! I'm looking for a cynthia bag as well but can't find any online anymore. Did you buy this at a store or online?