Moms- How long did you wait

  1. 1) How long did it take to find out you were pregnant?

    2)How long did you wait to share the news that you were/are pregnant?
  2. With my first, I found out when I was about 2 days late for my period. My parents knew almost immediately, dh's parents were told at about 6 weeks and then my MIL was too excited to not tell people, so the rest of the family on dh's side knew at about 9 weeks. Work was not told until 12-13 weeks or longer.

    This time (I'm currently 22 weeks along), I tested positive about 4 days before I expected my period, my parents and dh's parents were told immediately. Work knew at about 4 weeks and everyone else knew pretty early too.

    My family is not too good with the, "please don't make this public knowledge yet" thing! LOL!
  3. I always knew I was pg (pregnant) before I could even take a test. ;P

    We usually told family right away, and waited to tell friends until the 12wk mark. I was always so sick that I couldn't really "hide" it! ;P

    Are you thinking you're pg? It's the best thing in the world...yes I'm one of the "weird" ones and LOVED being pg....even loved giving birth....nothing else in the world like it! =)
  4. I am hoping I am :p. But I am sure it is too early to tell. I am a bit crampy...I was thinking it was gas, but nope, hasn't gone anywhere all day.

    Am I looking way too much into it, or can that be a symptoms that things are happening in there?
  5. Hope you are, if that's what you want!

    I was about five weeks along when I figured it out... I was never regular and had a lot of stress in my life at the time, so it would not have been unusual for me to skip or be late. But looking back, I should have known... I was tired all the time, and having a lot breast soreness, so much that I couldn't go jogging!

    We didn't tell anyone until I got an ultrasound at 12 weeks, except for my BIL and SIL (DH's sister and her husband, with whom we are very, very close)- DH just couldn't help himself and blurted it out when we were at their house and I was about 6 weeks...

    didn't tell work until I was about 4 months though... My boss worked in a far off location so it wasn't like he saw me every day.
  6. The first pg I found out at 32 days and we told everyone. Then I miscarried. This time I found out at 24 days and waited until the u/s to tell people (other than you guys, of course!). Work still doesn't know!!
  7. I always knew "something was up" before my period came. A week before the expected day of my period, I was getting up in the middle of the night just to go pee.. which was wayyyy out of the loop for me. Then a week after missing my period, I finally made the SO purchase me some pregnancy tests, and they were both positive.

    The SO and I kept it under wraps until I was about five months and showing. Before that I've only told family and close friends.. but now the whole world knows!
  8. 1) I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was exactly three months pregnant. I had periods up until then.

    2) It took me another couple months to tell mine and my boyfriend's family, but friends knew right away.
  9. 1) How long did it take to find out you were pregnant?

    I was nearly 2 weeks late for my period and I had been sick before and had thrown up a few hours after taking the Pill. Found out on Oct 8.

    2)How long did you wait to share the news that you were/are pregnant?

    I told my immediate family members right away. To the rest of the people, the news kind of slowly trickled down the ladder.
  10. Wow, I've heard of this, but how is it possible? I need a class on this stuff...
  11. Well I too was exactly 3 months when I found out I was pregnant. When I look back there were definitely symptoms but I just contributed them to another medical condition. Some of my very early symptoms were constipation, wicked tired, headaches, & bigger/sore breasts which seemed to happen overnight, lol Did you test yet? Test in the morning since you would be early & use a digital pregnancy test they are the best. My closest friends knew first, then I told my father who took it upon himself to make sure every other family member knew.
  12. Wanted to add I didnt (Knock on wood) get morning sickness. I bet had I gotten it I would have put 2+2 together a lot sooner. What made me take a test was a serious case of radar pregnant nose.
  13. I waited about 2 months to tell family (extended) and about 3 months to tell friends. Actually with my 3rd - I had to tell people sooner b/c I started showing sooner and I didn't want people to think I was getting fat!! Ah - once those tummy muscles are shot there's nothing holding it in.
  14. :roflmfao:
  15. oh I found out after i was 1 week late. really funny bec I had this before and each time I freaked hubby out but it never was anything. this time I thought; ah it is nothing, you know that, just take the test and move on - and it was something. so unexpected but so amazing when the line turned blue....

    I was so difficult about telling anyone - didn't want anyone to find out for ages: finally told my brother first (a decision I still regret till today), then my parents, hubby's parents and one of my BILs. other than that kept it until the 3 months were up - and I would do it again that way, only this time I would only tell parents, and the after the 3 months are up. hubby and I are weird that way: we tend not to announce your news but I guess both my and his parents are wired that way.