Moms first coach

  1. I gave my mom her bag today. She almost cried. This was her first one and I had asked for suggestions while back on what to get her.

    Well, I ended up getting her the small ergo hobo in signature. THAT THING IS BIG FOR THE PRICE!!!!!!!! It fit her accordian wallet checkbook cell phone sunglass case and room to spare. I highly suggest this bag.

    Funny thing is, is that when I got out of my car this was her first time to see my Mia and she saw my S charm on my bag and thought it was sooo cute... Then once we got inside at Chilis she opened her gift and there was her hobo and her own S charm to go along with it. I also got her the checkbook part of the soho wallet on eBay and she loved that too. I felt sooo good being able to buy my mom something so she so deserves.

    Oh and on a side note, I didn't have to use my credit card to pay for any of it! hahaha huge accomplishment.

    Thanks for all your help in helping me find the perfect bag for my mother. It means alot to me gals!
  2. sam that's awesome, I gave my mom her first coach bag ttwo christmases ago it's the large winter white hobo, she absolutely loved it!! you can never go wrong with coach.
  3. How sweet! Thats great that your mom can share your love of Coach.
  4. That's great! Glad to hear she liked it.
  5. How awesome that you would give your mom such wonderful gifts! She must be so happy--certainly for the gifts but more for the fact that she raised such a sweet and thoughtful daughter!
  6. That is the sweetest story! You're so thoughtful and it's great that your mom loves everything! I hope she, as my grandmother likes to say, "wears it in good health."
  7. That is so cool Sam! Giving a good Coach gift is just as, if not more, than getting one. That is so exciting!
  8. Aww nice story. I'm so glad she liked the bag!
  9. hey, i just got my SO's mom a coach. she has lv but no coach so hope she loves it too..
  10. That is so nice of you
  11. Shes so proud of it cause she already has an accordian signature stripe accordian wallet in punch and gets compliments all the time .(she bought it from me hehe she wouldnt let me give it to her). so anyways.... I will have my mom take a picture with her new stuff and Ill post it on here. Her SO gets back from out of town tonight so I will have her send it to me tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the help again, I reallllllllly appreciate.
  12. How sweet and what a wonderful daughter you are! I'm sure your mom is very proud of you. :smile:
  13. That's so wonderful! I'm sure she's happy beyond words!!! I remember when I gave my mother her first Coach bag for Christmas. She was so so excited because she's loved coach for years and years, but just never spends that kind of money on herself. I got her a tan Hamptons Hobo and a matching wristlet. She's totally in love with it. I know your mom will just love her bag forever and ever. Not only is it a Coach, but it's from her darling daughter :smile:
  14. Aw!
    You are such a sweet daughter.
    Wanna have a talk with mine and give her some pointers? jk.