Moms, Does this crib look weird?

  1. I have been looking at cribs,and I thought this one was cute, but does it look really low?


    It's called the superstar slotti from Target.

    If I dont go with this one,which comes with a cute matching table/dresser, I will just get a simple white one.
  2. It will have slots to raise the matress for when the baby is really young, and you will be able to lower as the baby gets older :smile:

    It's cute :smile:
  3. It's a really cute crib! Low? Like the mattress looks to low or low to the ground? If you mean like the mattress. I believe mattress are adjustable all the cribs that I've purchased you can adjust the height of the mattress as your baby grows.
  4. It's cute, but makes me feel a little claustrophobic...but then again, that's what makes it a crib, right? Maybe it is too solid?
  5. I have no experience with cribs, but the two pieces are super cute!
  6. I don't think the changing table looks low. But the mattress can definitely be raised.
  7. Awww they also have a wardrobe, but I think it's just in the UK.

  8. Very cute!!!

  9. Pretty much all cribs are adjustable. I'm guessing they don't have one in store so you can check it out?

    Perhaps email them and ask.
  10. It is freaking adorable! I LOVE IT!!
  11. It is adjustable and it's ADORABLE! Definately get it! With cloud sheets (like you want) it would be tooo cute!
  12. Thanks everyone! I spent the whole day sitting here researching stuff on my slow old laptop. (My regular laptop is ready for pick up at apple repair this week!!!) I am staring a new thread with my findings...
  13. It's super cute!!:heart:
  14. It looks kinda cheap to me. Those push in wood parts that stick out on the side of the crib makes me think of cheap put it together furniture. Hope it is not expensive.