MOM'S Christmas Ramona is now here ^_^

  1. I dont know if you still remember it but i was despirately looking for a black ramona last christmas as a present for my mom. I have bought her a gift certificate an we have bought the bag last week just a day before new years eve. here are some pics. ^_^
    thank you very much for help ladies. ^_^ you all rock!!!:yahoo:
  2. Congratulations and what a really Sweet thing to do for your Mom :love:
  3. Sure, I remember! The pics are not showing up, but I'll bet it is beautiful. Hope your mom enjoys her Choo!
  4. here are the fotos. ^_^
    DSC00880.JPG DSC00874.JPG DSC00883.JPG DSC00886.JPG DSC00893.JPG
  5. Congratulations! It's a gorgeous bag! I'm sure you're Mom will love carrying this bag for a looong time to come! :tup:

    And that was such a sweet thing for you to do for her, what an amazing gift! :flowers:
  6. how lovely of you for mom:girlsigh:....hope she adores it!:heart:
  7. What a great daughter! I only have sons and they just can't relate:amazed::confused1:
  8. Love your Black Ramona!! What a nice daughter, I agree!!

    My DS thinks he's a girl :shrugs: (if you ask him if he's a boy or a girl, he says "girl"), so maybe he'll be into purses and get me one in a few decades...
  9. That is very sweet of you, angelinne. Where did you get the bag for your mom? I bought a LV bag for my mom when I got my first job, but she doesn't use it much. :shrugs:
  10. Aw, that was sweet of you too meeowy! And your Mom is probably like a lot of us with pricey bags....she may be so afraid of getting it dirty that she's afraid to use it! But I'm sure she LOVES it! :yes:
  11. Thanks Belle! My mom is exactly as you said: she is afraid to get it dirty. She prefers I buys her vacation packages now, which is as $$ as a LV bag if not more! :p
  12. what a great present for mom!:tup:
    Congrats and how lucky she is to have daughter that keeps her stylish!
  13. That's such a sweet gift! I hope when my daughter grows up, she'll be just as nice!
  14. Hi, I bought the bag at Horstmann & Sander selling designer collections here in Hannover, Germany. Surprisingly, a good girlfriend during highschool days is working there. It was a bit discounted then, due to this connections. Cheers everybody!!!:yahoo: