Mom's Christmas Gift


May 12, 2006
Hi thereeeee! ;)

Ok, so my Mom wants an MP3 player for Christmas and I'm not sure which one to buy her. I have an iPOD video and I :heart: it.... Therefore, I kind of wanted to get her an iPOD, maybe a shuffle or a nano...She really doesn't need much, just wants to hear a couple songs now and then. However, I came across this Samsung MP3 player on . The original price was around $130 and now it's on sale for $50.
Can you help this undecided mind choose? :shame:

Thankssss!! :yahoo:
From what I can tell, the radio is satellite only, so you would need a subscription to XM.

I think there are better MP3 players out there. If are using a Mac to load it, iPod will be the best choice, most other MP3 players are not Mac compatible. If you are using Windows, you will have a lot more choices among players, but you will most likely have to use their proprietary software, which may not be as easy to use as iTunes.

Sony makes some really attractive units: Sony NW-E003 1 GB Flash Digital Music Player Pink: Electronics

and Creative has really nice stuff: Creative Zen V 2 GB Portable Media Player (Black/Green): Electronics