Mom's Bday: Ebene Damier Bags w/ Azur Wallets?! Need HELP!!!

  1. hey guys!

    i want to buy my mother a new LV wallet.
    she only has ebene damier bags (like me.. totally damier fans :nuts:)

    now i was thinkin about getting her an azur one...
    i actually would never buy an azur wallet for myself... but... dunno... i have seen some ppl with ebene bags and azur wallets and it looked quite ok...

    but dunno, since my mom always bought ebene...
    oh! and i REALLY don't wanna ask her what she likes more. cuz it should be SUCH a suprise for her... so shhhh!!! ;)

    so i really need some help here to decide!
    i'm so bad at deciding on my own... :shrugs:

    should i just go with the ebene?
    or let her try something new and get her an azur one???
  2. How about something in the vernis line? Like in pomme color or even pearl ... the contrast would be awesome!
  3. aaah, i see.. i like the idea of a pearl vernis with the brown... hm....
  4. ^ Amarante would look nice too, IMO. It's so dark and deep but so rich, too!
  5. You're such a thoughtful DD:love:. Pearl Vernis is gorgeous but will be very hard to maintain IMO. I vote for Azur, the contrast against Ebene is beautiful. Let us know what you decide!
  6. go for the azur! :smile:
  7. azur! or pomme!
  8. actually i just thought of something - would the red lining inside the bag ruin the azur wallet?
  9. thanks everyone so far!

    halona... yeah... now that you mention that, i am worried, too >.<

    now i'm really going for the azur... hm.... :graucho:

    i'll sure let you know what i went for...
    but i need to work one month more till i got the money
    (i'm in uni and pay the bills myself.. and the new semester just started.. need to buy new books, etc... so... u know ;) )
  10. I think you should get your mom a wallet that would match one of her current LV bags....

    I think YOU should get something in Damier Azur for yourself too !!!!
    Good luck deciding !!!!!!!!
  11. I'd get a wallet that matches her bags. What a nice daughter you are!!!
  12. I think an Azur accessory would look great! My next purchase will be an Azur cles to go with my Damier Speedy!
  13. Azur
  14. just a little update...

    well, you all said i should get an azur one.... and i got the EBENE!!! :lol:
    it just didn't feel right when i held it in my hands...

    i thought i just go with my instinct and got it in ebene.
    a also let them heat stamp her initials...

    will be ready by the weekend... but i might not pick it up till one week or so.

    but i sure will post pictures :smile:

    thank you guys for your help anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15.'re so thoughtful! She's going to love it and it's cool that you are heatstamping it for her!