Mom's anniversary present

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  1. So my parents are almost married for 30 years and I decided to treat my mom to some earrings. I decided on Platinum Diamond studs.

    The diamonds are 3,49carat D color IF and 3,51carat D color VVS1

    The pics don't do them justice (crappy camera) and I will try to get some better pics tomorrow.

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  2. :shocked: Gorgeous!!
  3. :faint:I think we can all agree that we someday hope to have a son(?) like you!
  4. well you can still adopt me :P
  5. Stunning!! If at all possible can you show shots of the earrings in her ears? (I find that's the best way to see diamond studs in pics). What a lucky mom!!
  6. Well the anniverssary is in 2 weeks so that would kind of ruin the surprise :P
  7. Of course; I meant after you give them to her :yes:
  8. :faint::faint:wow!!!
  9. *starts filing the adoption paperwork*

    Wowie! I can only hope to afford one of those in my lifetime. :tup::heart: Your mom is going to LOOOOVE you! :okay:

    I hope this give won't outshine what your dad is planning.
  10. *freaking out by multiple adoption requests*

    and this won't otshine my dads, eventhough my money is $$ and from the heart there is a special meaning behind round diamonds for my mom :P my dad's gift is completly and trulely fom the heart.

    (I made at least 5 typos in there :P)
  11. Holy cow, those are fabulous! Your mom is going to flip!
  12. Now I'm curious what your dad's gift is. :smile:

    The "modern" gift for a 30th anniversary is diamonds (you can check that off), but the "traditional" gift is pearls.

    My husband and I have our first wedding anniversary this summer. It's traditionally the "paper" anniversary so our gift to each other is putting money into our savings (some of which goes to diamonds anyway, lol).
  13. Well we don't really care about what the traditional and modern gifts are :P, the reason I bought her round diamonds is because she always got thos from my grandfather every single anniversary, since he past away about a year ago I decided to take over that tradition.

    btw I'm curioud about my dad's gift too what I just told you is everything I know :S
  14. Beautiful. What a nice boy you are! x
  15. *imagines the small mountain of diamonds she's collected over the years*