Mommy's Birthday Present.

  1. Dear tPFers,

    Mommy's birthday is next month. Her present's arrived early though......

    No striptease as a matter of principle. One of them shows the bag in question placed in front of my 40cm Birkin for the sake of comparison.

    Now, the tought stuff: The woman has never owned ANYTHING in a bright colour. Even the most blue of her jeans are really dark. This will be her first H bag(one that will remain with her read: one that does not require her rifling through my closet when she visits!). Should I tell her that it can be returned for store credit? Sigh. I have a dark sense of foreboding right now. She's 60 this year.

    Orange H in Chamonix Leather.
    phpFiYjJVAM.jpg phpyBlUocAM.jpg phpgg7ATvAM.jpg phpittOyvAM.jpg
  2. ^Nice pressie.

    Lucky mummy.

    Look at her face when she opens her present. If she looks truly delighted (how good an actress is she?) then keep (pardon the pun) mum on the exchange policy.

    If she looks crest-fallen but tries to put on a brave front, then tell her.

    A cool 60 year old mother could certainly look very good with that clutch.
  3. Eric, it is beautiful!!!

    ITA with the advice...keep an eye on her reaction. She may warm up to it, but if you kindly acknowledge that it might be out of her comfort zone, and perhaps offer to have fun helping her with wardrobe pairings, I am sure she will keep it! Orange is such a great neutral!

    You are so sweet!
  4. Thanks so much. I thought about what you both said......and I think(gulp), it might boil down to my own reaction if she doesn't like it. Sigh....will let you guys know when she gets it next month.
  5. Hi Eric. What a lovely present to give your mom. I have a feeling she will like it since you personally picked it for her and it is a beautiful piece. Neutral colored bags are nice, but for a special occassion as your Mom's birthday, it deserves a happy color. Orange to me is a very auspicious color that evokes longevity.
  6. What a classic color and what a lucky Mom!

    It may help to show the lucky mom pics of other mature ladies with the classic orange Hermes bags to show that this bright color is indeed a classic.
  7. I think your mum will love it as it's Hermes! You are such a nice daughter!
  8. Beautiful Eric and orange is so much more "neutral" than you might think. Keep your eyes on you mother and you'll know.

    Such a special gift - lucky her.
  9. Eric - can I adopt you? ;)

    What a beautiful present for your mom! See what her reaction is but I am sure she will be DELIGHTED!
  10. WOW!!!! I'd LOVE a kid like you!!!! I'd be more than delighted to receive such a lovely gift from my child......very thoughtful!
  11. Eric you rock! I want a son like you!
  12. Eric, I want to adopt you too! Your Mom is so lucky to have such a thoughtful son!
  13. Wowee, Eric! That is a gorgeous, gorgeous present. I think if your mum wears neutrals then this bag will go with all her outfits! I bet it looks stunning on her. :yes:
  14. That's so kind of you.
  15. U have chosen a lovelybag for ur mom-let her know how much u enjoyed selecting it for her, and then let her know that the most impt thing is what makes her happy!