Mommy looking good in Chanel Part II!!! Modeling pic. included!

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  1. After OUR mommy's Chanel thread being closed, I was wondering should I start a new one or just go on my life w/ a new blog only????

    Then I asked myself again: Why do I love staying here so much????
    The answer is: Of course, Chane & friends I talked here (not yet met)hahal!!!

    What's not to love talking about Chanel??? :yahoo:

    So, this thread is again dedicated to all gorgeous mommies who loves Chanel just as much I love all my friends here. We welcome every mom or mom-to-be to post their modeling pic. w/ Chanels!!! BUT please try as hard as you can to stay w/ CHANEL!! :P


    Here I will start first but since I have a new blog, I will just leave my not-so-Chanel talking there!!

    My all time favorite Chanel Gray jumbo Classic!!!

    Tomorrow is Ceci's post and we probably want to see Betsy (sugar/surrgrrl?) modeling post again??? Don't we??? We all feel bad that we only have a glance of her modeling post..........hah...................
  2. Litlstrawberry -- Yay! A new thread for us Chanel mamas and mamas-to-be... I, for one, will try very hard to stay on the topic --- fabulous and stylish Chanel moms.

    Here's my post for today from the old thread that was closed down. Hope you guys don't mind me reposting again...

    After some gentle urging from Litlstrawberry to post modeling pictures of this long-time fan of this thread, I finally got around to dressing up a bit for today. So here's my little debut as a Chanel mama. There are tons of room for improvement so I welcome your suggestions. This ensemble is inspired by many of you awesome ladies and the fabulously stylish Miroslava Duma.

    • Grey sleeveless wool dress: Zara
    • Grey long vest: Zara
    • Black belt: H&M
    • Tan/Yellow-ish jacket: Trussardi
    • Black tights: Spanx
    • Shoes: Anteprima
    • Scarf: Kashmere leopard print shawl (a more affordable alternative to LV's Stephen Sprouse leopard print shawl)
    • Accesories: Chanel brooch
    (Note: I'm not completely thrilled with how big the holes in front of the shoes are. I think I'm on a hunt for peep toe shoes now. In fact, I felt silly wearing these shoes w/my tights. hahahhahah)


    Closeup of my Chanel brooch:
    (I believe Larkie has the belt and bracelet version of this brooch design too)

    Steffe -- Thanks for the input! I do notice the blazer being a bit short for the long vest cardigan look. I'll try a coat look with this next time around.

    Izybeli -- My brooch is actually from last season since I bought it on sale. I'm not sure what season exactly though. The price tag doesn't seem to indicate or perhaps I just don't know how to read it well.

  3. Any details of the rest of your outfit? Like the scarf and the plaid shirt? I really love this vest. I remember Izybeli has a similar one too, right? Perfect for this weather and to go with your favorite Chanel.
  4. Hey R - nice that u're back on! Congrats on your blog too! I'll be great to see all your posts in one place and view your friendly chatter the fur vest!!

    Shoogrrl - lovely first post there! Your scarf brooch and jacket are all gorgeous!
  5. Shoogrrl - How about your scarf? Where did you get it? I really want the LV one, but the price is making me think twice. Yours is a fabulous alternative :tup:
  6. litlstrawberry - gorgeous outfit! i'm glad you decided to open a new thread! i love popping in and checking out all the mommies' stylish outfits!

    shoogrrl - oooh, you look so warm and fabulous! i especially love that scarf!
  7. Rachel - Congrats on your blog!!! I will definitely visit everyday... Love your ensemble today, you know what is so weird - I was wearing similar outfit like yours today! I had my fur vest, a Gap blue plaid shirt, my H belt, jeans, and my grey reissue... I am already in my PJ, so maybe I will take pictures of my ensemble only?
  8. Izybeli - Sorry, I forgot to tell you about the scarf. I got it off Bluefly and the brand is Kashmere. They have a few other colors as well. There was a promotion a while back so I had some extra discount as well. And yes, the price tag for the LV beauty was slightly out of reach for me. :smile:

    Kuromi-chan and Kaban -- thank you.
  9. Hi R!! Wow....a new thread already!! I wanted to catch up with the previous posts/modeling pics today and voila!!! The thread was closed already!! Anyway, glad you started this new thread!! And congrats on your blog!!

    Are you in a fitting room here? Love your ODJ w/ your gray classic flap. The colors of ensemble are very refreshing!

    Sorry I didn't post on Monday as I was busy with my son as DH is out of town. I'll post this coming Monday to share with you gals my new January Chanel loot (need time to take all those pics) and maybe 1 or 2 modeling pics!:graucho:

  10. Hi shoogrrl!!! Wow.....debut modeling pics!! Great outfit!! Love your Zara wool dress and gray long vest! You're playing with tone on tone, right? I agree with Steffe that you can also try a longer coat outside your cardigan. :graucho: Esp. love your Chanel brooch, which is from 2008 Cruise. Haha...I am planning to buy that too. It's on sale at US$280 I believe. Hope you can model for us every week here!

    P.S. Who's the cute kid beside you? He seems to be hiding from the camera? Hehehhehe!

  11. #11 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2009
    Hi, Betsy:

    I just finished my new post on my blog in the afternoon before I went for my hair cut!! Then I had 2 private message from you and Ceci talking about the thread was closed!!!!! OH...I thought I talked too much about daily life stuff AND my not-so-glamor spider vein...hah.......well...

    Yes, your leopard print scarf is definitely an alternative to LV as it is too easy to have double take if you wear LV's scarf!!

    That Chanel brooch you had is a great compliment w/ your neutral shade of blazer....YES, blazer is still a big thing which carries all the way to spring n' summer!! I saw a Chanel SA in SF city who pins that brooch on a olive/green shade jacket and it looks great together too.


    Kaban: Thank you....I wouldn't leave w/o saying good bye though..haha...


    Hi, Isabel:
    Of course I wouldn't approve you only take pic. of your no!! An ensemble w/o modeling pic. is worthless!! haha... You definitely have to take a modeling shot of it :love: ...I mean, of course when you want to wear that whole ensemble someday this or next week again!!!


    Hi, kuromi-chan: Your encouragement is just in time for us!! We really want to know how much is this thread being welcomed back here!!! Please pop in sometimes as always!!:love:


    Hello, Mia:

    You missed couple of our outfits already!!!!!!!

    Oh, hope everything is fine w/o your DH around.

    Well, yes, I was in a fitting room as I am looking for some vintage brooch which would go w/ my Marc Jacob dress/skirt which I came out from my creativity!! Did you check out my blog?? I had that ensemble posted yesterday!! The brooch I am looking for is more a retro style and big as I can use as a statement on my waist/belt. I am still stick w/ my big ban ... no new clothes!!:sweatdrop:

    I definitely am looking forward to seeing your modeling post on Mon. And I know your reveal will never let us down either!!!!! :king:
  12. Pictures better than thousand words........

  13. A new thread! That's great!
  14. Rachel, your have a blog now? That's great! I'll go visit shortly. Your fur vest is adorable and looks very warm and comfortable. How's the weather there in No. Cal? Your gray flap bag is making me think if I should get the 09 cruise gray caviar flap bag too (yes, just thinking, haha). I think gray is a great substitute to black.

    Shoogrrl, great first time modeling pictures! Your brooch nicely compliments your whole outfit, which btw, is quite chic. I do agree with others that the jacket should be longer, but great job regardless.
  15. huh???? Gray caviar classic 09?? How come I didn't know about that at all???

    I need to search for the color of it!!

    Thanks, Sophie!! You know, just starting from last week, I felt the winter is coming back~~~ and I think I might have chances to wear my Marc Jacobs alpaca coat!! hah...YES, gray goes w/ everything, literally!! AND I miss my Rodeo so much, that's the only black bag I have now!!

    As it is hard for me not to talk about EVERYTHING!! I will leave my talkings in my blog!! You are very welcome to leave comments/chit chat in my blog too..... you know.....let's start from cup noodles, shall we?!?:graucho::P
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