Mommy looking good in Chanel!! Modeling pic. :)

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  1. Dearest friends & mommies:

    I thought I'd start a new thread (Oops, I did it again:shame:!!) that will dedicate to mommies whoever wants to post her outfit here w/ Chanel, of course. Also, to ask questions and get inspired w/ mix-n'-match outfit when going out w/ their kids.

    Anyone who doesn't have kids are also welcome to post their modeling pic. here. :yes:

    I post as many as possible pics. to this new thread from the previous one for a start.

    1. Top: Silver long shirt
    2. White bib shirt
    3. Skirt: Max Mara weekend line Orange bubble skirt w/ black dots lining.
    4. Belt: Max&Co.
    5. Shoes: Chanel Camellia Tulle sling back heels
    6. Bag: Chanel 07 DS 227 Reissue




  2. Here we go!!

    Style Rules No. 1 for moms outing alone w/ kids: NO HIGH HEELS!! Unless you need an excuse to get new shoes!

    PS. PIC. taken when we got home w/ my new purchases for today. ...

    1. Vince leather jacket
    2. James Perse Tank
    3. New Balenciaga Sunglasses
    4. Miss sixty jeans
    5. My all time favorite Chanel Rodeo Drive XL shopper tote
    6. DVF sandals: I post them on "shhhh we won't tell non-Chanel "thread already....... sorry I don't wear shoes at home.
    7. Scarf found in Anthropologie for $19.99 on sale.



    Today's field trip..... SF ZOO!! Start at 10:45 AM.

    ........... 1st. stop: Half Moon Bay for a fresh bundle of roses. ...

    ............2nd. stop: Japan Town for lunch and get a "pencil" sharpener for my 2B......6B sketching pencil. (ps. I need a very cute one like HelloKitty.)

    It is already 2:30 PM and we just arrived Union Square.

    .............3rd "detour" NM in SF for Balenciaga sunglasses. J.L. has exactly the same one.



    [​IMG]............. 4th "detour" Chanel boutique for 20 mins. The SAs all recognized me since I always took kids w/ me shopping there and always use their restroom first. (w/ kids, they understand.) I ordered something new and I will post it w/ modeling pic. next week.

    PS. not a bag though!!!

    to be continued~~~~~~

  3. My in-laws wait in the car w/ my youngest daughter outside the Ferregamo. 2 of my older kids are w/ me shopping like a speedy. Guess what time it was then?

    It was 3:30 PM already and the zoo close at 5:00 PM. Should we go? Should we go? ?? ??.........................................

    I am debating that in my mind as well as driving thinking about my in-laws might collapse cause they dragged by me everywhere .........

    But Since I promised the kids and that's the main purpose of today.

    Rule No. 1 for parenting: Keep your promise no matter what! .............................. We are going for sure!!

    It was 4:10 PM when we arrived in the zoo.
    Those two insect paintings are new in the zoo. (at Insect Section)
    Well, at least they were not there when we visited there 2 weeks ago.


    It was 6:25 PM when we got home.

    Another day down!!!!!!

    Thanks for letting me share all this!! We all had a good time...I think. I now can hear my in-laws snoring......
    It is 12:40 Am here. Good nite!!

  4. So, we are back......around 5:20 PM.

    Here we go. Backwards to this morning of Mommy outing DAY 2.

    Since my in-laws will be back to Asia this Fri. I'd take them to places as far as I can drive.

    Before my DH left for work, he took this photo for me.
    1. My current favorite beret (From whole foods DH cannot believe I can even shop for apparel there.) haha~
    2. Accessory:

    * Chanel 08 s/s STAR brooch
    * Louis Vuitton Silver hoop w/ white charm earrings

    Style Rule No. 1 for mommies and rest of Fashioniata:

    1. Make good use of your accessories, but never put too many on though!!
    2. I pin the CHANEL STAR on my hat to jazz up my white hat. The hat has instant glamor.
    3. For moms: Don't carry a big backpack that kills your style! ha~


    3. Crystal Rock by Christian Audigier limited edition shirt. (mine is 190/1000) Heidi klum has the same one.
    4. Just received (yesterday) J Brand Gray pencil leg Jeans (This pencil leg is so comfortable, after the whole day wearing, it is still snuggled fit, not baggy nor too tight.) I love it!!

    5. Balenciaga Part time in Violet
    6. I have flip flops on which I decorated by myself w/ pearls and feather on it. It is a perfect pair to match my hat, to comfort my feet and to walk on the beach. (I just don't feel like wearing my other shoes today.)

  5. Start at 11:00 Am.
    1. On the way to get a cup of pearl tea for an energy boost for myself!!!
    2. When we arrived the Santa Cruz beach, it was around 12:00 PM.
    We saw the Santa Cruz Train cruised through and wow, incidentally ....... it reminded me that the train takes people to the Redwood forest of Santa Cruz and the whole trip is about 3 hr. (1 hr. drive to the mountain, 1 hr. rest and walk the redwood trail (you don't have to.) and 1 hr. drive back.)

    It was perfect timing so we decide to take the train and have some sightseeing there. I would highly recommend any mom w/ kids to ride w/ Santa Cruz train. It is very relaxing.

    Best of all, they have Chinese Acorbat show till Aug. 21st.

    Enjoy rest of the photos. Take kids to Santa Cruz for a summer train ride!!

    The train is old but they make it so cozy.





  6. [​IMG]
    Wow, that's one killer boots that I cannot take my eyes away. haha.....

    I like this outfit the most, well structured w/ color scheme. Nice Gray w/ DS reissue.

    And yes, little mommy, I have to say that DS reissue is one of the all time favorite color and all time suitable color for any outfit.

    Simply white, black, gray will work great w/ it. Like Ceci's modeling, DS reissue will pop out when you wear so understated black top. Good job, Ceci!
  7. Outfit for today (8/14).... go casual for DS reissue. (For little mommy! )

    This might be a little bored for your eyes but since today is kids' music day, I include my friend Irene w/ her outfit and LV bag again. haha~~~

    On me!
    1. Top: off-white ruffle cami from Anthropologie
    Gucci black silk tank layered on top
    2. Miss sixty jeans (cigarette leg)
    3. Chanel 08 s/s Pink Camellia necklace and matching pink earrings
    4. Gucci metallic pewter ballet flat
    (They are so close for the color shade, but interesting thing is the DS reissue also matches my Chanel Camellia Tulle sling back heels too.)
    5. Of course, my Chanel DS reissue again !!

    I think the DS reissue reflects whatever the color on your feet.

    When you go casual, make sure the simplest clothes you can get is still high quality or w/ intricate details so you won't "dress down" too much on your Chanel reissue. O.W. keep your sunglasses on all the time for the least chic look.


  8. Every Thur. we have kids prive music class at my house, so mommies have a chance get together and kids get to play w/ one and another.

    On Irene!

    1. Very busy shirt dress w/ cropped skirt fringe
    ( for this one, the busier the better. )
    2. Slim jeans
    3. LV bag
    4. Valentino doll dot flat


    Simple and still attractive!!



  9. Wow.. you are gorgeous! Keep em coming! :yes:
  10. You have a great sense of style and cute kids!

  11. haha.... only if my DH can give kids morning bottles, I probably can keep my energy up as well as my style. :jammin:

  12. Thanks, burberryprncess for your sweet words.

    The kids are our angels and little monsters too. :wtf:
  13. great stuff, love your reissue, and your designer're very stylish
  14. I have a few things to say.

    1) You're one hot mama!
    2) I'm 19, no kids, and I couldn't fit into those skinny pencil jeans. :sad: They look amazing on you!!!
    3) I'm looooving your Rodeo Drive XL shopper. I PM'd you about it before (I have the silver), and now looking at yours I'm considering getting a black one too. It looks fab on you!!!
  15. If I every become a mommy - I want to be as trendy as you :smile:
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