Mommy Daughter-purse Forum Contest!! Got The Bags!!! Soo Cute!

  1. My little one was sooo excited to get the bags from the mommy daughter contest today!...She has been wearing the pink bag all day..and let me tell you the quality of these bags are AMAZING! and soooo incredibly cute!!!
    Wanted to flaunt it in front of PHPHH but he is having a very sad day..will have to wait( His dad got diagnosed with brain and lung CA...not good.)
    Anyway..Thankyou LA NEIGE for the amazing bags...great quality..and I am super picky!! THAT is saying ALOT!and Thanks Megs and guys are so great to all of us here at the PF!

    PS- YES..I am about to hit post 2000.....hee!hee!hee!

    [​IMG]this is my #1 daughter!!!:nuts:
  2. She is soo cute with the sunglasses and pink bag!
  3. she stole my Chanel glasses!!LOL!..sooo my daughter!!!
  4. so cute!! best wishes to DH and his father.
  5. Oh, your little one is darling and that bag was MADE for her. Thanks for sharing.

    You know prayers are being lifted from Texas for you and yours.
  6. Awww she looks adorable! And I'm so sorry about your husband's dad.. that's awful :sad2:
  7. She looks sooooo cute with her pink bag! Loving the shades by the way! Congratulations to you both!
  8. yeah Jill.. so now we know what future your daughter could potentially have in terms of buying designer bags.. or will she end up inheriting most of yours? heheh, congrats though..
  9. Your daughter looks so happy with her new bag! Congrats to you both for winning!

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Went thought the same w/my dad several years ago. I'll keep you all in my prayers!

    love, Pippi
  10. I thought those were Chanel sunglasses! Like mother, like daughter, eh? She is so cute.
    Sorry about your father-in-law. My dad had lung cancer many years ago. Hopefully, treatments have improved. Your in my prayers, too.
  11. Awww I'm glad you both like them!!!!! La Neige has been so kind to give us the bags and show off her products!!!!
  12. OMGosh she looks so cute/happy with her new bag :smile:

  13. Awww...Jill your daughter is just sooooooo cute!!! Fabulous bag & fabulous sunnies!! ;)

    And, I am so sorry to hear about your father in law!!! :cry:
  14. I'm really sorry to hear about the bad news. *hugs*

    Your daughter is adorable...and that bag looks so cute on her!
  15. jill, your daughter is adorable! is she the one who was carrying around the prada bag @ rwj?? hahaha...seems to suit her.

    i'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. i'll be keeping your family in my prayers.