Mommy bag: Courier color choices and can a flat messenger hold a sippy cup?

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  1. Hi all!

    It's been a while since I posted anything but I've been lurking :graucho:

    So my baby is now a toddler and I really need to be hands free. For work I have, well, a work. For ME, I have a beloved city, and a makeup that doubles as a clutch. For baby, I need something that can be worn crossbody. Anticipating this, I had bought a gorgeous 08 marine courier but the second my husband saw it on me he instantly said No. I guess it really dwarfed me and he thought it looked kind of ridiculous. And he never really comments on my bags, so I believed him.

    But I'm eyeing it again and wondering if color might make a difference. Like for instance, I have yet to see a pic of a violet courier on anyone that doesn't look great. And Drati always looks fabulous with each of her couriers. I just think about a) all that luscious leather b) all that space and c) crossbody ease.

    I've had a bunch of Days that I loved but essentially wouldn't stay on my shoulder and the last thing I need is to have my bag come tumbling down when I bend down to pick up my little girl.

    SO does anyone have an opinion about whether color (more muted - anthra / gray or go the other way - bright pops like a bright red) might make a difference in how the courier looks, ON? I'm about 5'3", was about 120lbs, working my way back there slowly ;)

    Also, the flat messenger is appealing to me for all of the same reasons but I'm concerned it won't hold: 2 diapers, wipes, snacks, bib, my wallet, phone, keys...and dunno if it's wide enough at the bottom to fit a sippy cup?? Can a flat messenger owner please give me their guess?

    Siggggghhhh......have never tried on a part-time. or maybe a velo? or a sunday tote?

    Thnx :P
  2. I'd get the VELO or the PT. Check the straps lengths on each.

    The flat messengers that I have seen are exactly that. FLAT. There is no depth, the bottom is a seam. So what fits, it only what it will stretch to.

    You might also look into a men's messenger, men's day.
  3. ^^ Agree w this. The Flat messenger is pretty flat, not much room to shove stuff in.
  4. We use an actual diaper bag from diaper dude so I can't help with selecting a b-bag that's toddler friendly. Just wanted to say I'd be careful about having a sippy in your bag. I had my daughter's sippy cup (Avent small size, with the cover on) inside my thyme green city and it leaked and stained my whole bag. Luckily I had bought the bag directly from Balenciaga so they repaired it for me.
  5. No a flat messenger can fit a sippy cup without it looking funny. It is flat and too much in the bag will look funny. I wouldn't put a cup with liquid in a Bal bag anyway.:nogood:
  6. Would you consider a Pom Pom?
  7. I have to echo shopdoc's concern. I'd be extra careful about liquids. If you can't help it, I'd suggest putting your sippy cup in a ziplock baggie. I have also had a cup with a cover on leak inside my bag. Thankfully it wasn't a Bal, but it still wasn't pretty.
  8. I can't speak as to the color/ size appearance of a courier but if you decide not to get a one, you should really really look into a men's day. I have one in teal and the bright color makes it more feminine. I don't have any children of my own, but I was a nanny for several years and as soon as I got my men's day, no other bag could compare to its utility while I was working. It has the exact same body as a regular day, but with the same strap as a courier. I love the length, but I know the strap is a little long for some people's taste. If you like the bag, but think it hangs too long, you could always have an extra hole put in the strap. Good luck!
  9. I had a flat messenger and it was great for when I was out and about with two toddlers. But like others have said, it's flat so if you stuff to much into it, it will look a bit weird. I only carried wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag and sunglasses case. Perhaps Velo will be a better option?
  10. A Velo might work just right for you. It is roomier than a City. And it does have the cross body strap. I tried on a Men's Day once and it is larger than the Velo. I'm 5'6" and it hung pretty low on me so you would probably have to put extra holes in the strap.
  11. hey thanks, everyone. Absolutely right about the liquids - will use plastic bag and be very careful. Judging from the feedback I think that the Velo or the PT should be high on my list - I do tend to gravitate towards the more "handbag" style bags, even for baby stuff. I guess I have to choose between getting the bag easily on my shoulder using the handles, or getting into the bag really easily when it's worn crossbody.

    Your replies have been really helpful - THANK YOU!!
  12. Well, you know I love the courier but I'm quite tall so have no issue with its size.

    The new men's day has a different strap, softer, like the courier strap, and it might be adjustable to a shorter length than the strap on the old men's day. I'd look into it.

    PT or velo are great suggestions although the strap on the velo is quite long and not adjustable (unlike the courier strap). I can wear my pt cross body but it does sit a little high. If I want to be truly hands free the courier is a better option (so easy to carry cross body, soft, moulds to body, no handles to get in the way). And I agree with everybody here, the flat messenger doesn't hold very much, esp not bulky items.

    I do put a water bottle into my bals and so far no problems -- I think if you can close the container safely than it should be fine.
  13. Thanks, drati! I'll look into the new men's day - I didn't know it had changed. And about a PT, I suppose I could always extend the strap somehow...

  14. There's a pic in the modeling thread of a member who used a keychain to extend her city strap. Or if the bag is a neutral color like black you can use the strap from another bag. Or if you have another bbag in the same or similar color you can connect two straps. I think another member also had links made specifically to extend her strap.
  15. thanks abitobling! I wonder if I just go with a city and extend the strap, if that would do it for me....hmmmmmmmmm