Mommy and me

  1. britney&sean
    jen garner&violet
  2. Wow Jennifer and Violet! :amuse:
  3. ^^^ITA, they look the most alike to me as well!
  4. ITA!!!^^

    Shiloh, what a beauty!
  5. Shiloh is gonna be so gorgeous.
  6. Wow they all look just like the mommies.
  7. Jen and Violet are a spitting image!

    Shiloh is such a beautiful baby.

    Oh and maybe Britney should think about sunblock for her poor baby's cheeks. They are always sunburned looking.
  8. Shiloh is sooo cute ;)
  9. Sean looks like K-Fed
  10. Allcute babies.......Sean needs to have his face wiped clean though!!!! But he's a cutie too!!!
  11. Cute! All of them really resemble their moms!
  12. so cute!!
  13. Very cute!
  14. Cute pics!
  15. Wow... you can definitley tell that baby is Angelina Jolie!!