Mommy and Me Speedys

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  1. Earlier this week (I think) I showed you my dd with her Mini sac HL; now I have a pic of us with her HL and my 35. I wanted to take a pic today at the mall in front of LV but she was being a bit difficult and I was short on time, I will get that pic one of these days! But here we are at home! (Shes making a weird face but I got what I could since she's hard to keep still for a nice picture; taking a xmas card pic is a nightmare!)

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  2. :yahoo:DEAD FROM THE CUTE!!! You are both very beautiful!
  3. Omgosh, that picture is almost too cute. You guys look like such a classy mother and daughter :yes:.
  4.'re both gorgeous & so are your bags!
  5. Oh, so very, very cute! Your daughter is adorable!!!
  6. I have a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old, so I hear you about the Christmas card picture "nightmare!"

    You guys are gorgeous! Love the picture!
  7. Adorable picture!! Your daughter is a cutie pie!
  8. These are the moments to treasure! Your daughter is a little doll! I hope that you and she have as great a friendship as my mother and I have. She's a lucky kid!
  9. What a pretty picture. Your daughter is really adorable looking.;)
  10. 2 cute I love it!! I feel your pain about taking pictures. :hysteric: I have a 4 yr old son who is super animated but when I ask him to smile on command forget it!!
  11. lvgucciaddict38, you are awesome!:tup:
  12. Your girl is adorable with her LV !!
  13. Very, VERY cute!!
  14. What is up with kids and photos?! So funny! Your daughter reminds me of my absolute beauty and then they get goofy with the camera! Anyway, I can see through that silly face of hers and see she is adorable! And, Mom, you are a hottie and so is that Speedy 35!
  15. Very cute pic!!