Mommies, pls suggest a handbag for me when going out with a toddler and a baby

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  1. Hi mommies... To those who have young children, like me, what handbags do you carry while going out with your children? It's too difficult carrying my Chanel bags while going out with my kids. For example:my toddler would kick it accidentally while carrying them (ouch!), smear their dirty hands on the leather (ouch), play with the CC interlock or chain (looks very interesting to them!) etc etc. These toddlers move v fast. As much as I would like to carry my chanel bag, it's too difficult while bringing my kids around. Furthermore I find that my children safety is first.. I do not want a case whereby I need to react fast for my kids and still care for my chanel bag... mommies, please help me out here... Do you think a sling bag will be convenient? I need a bag that is convenient, yet stylish (in case somebody takes photo of me... LOL. J/K). I do not need to carry any diaper bag, btw as I can put it in the stroller. Thanks in advance for your kind help. Looking forward to hearing your response! :flowers:

    p.s it doesnt have to be a chanel. Thanks....
  2. i use a Tod's Restyled D-bag tote as a diaper bag... try to be practical. :shame:
  3. I want to know too. I only have enough hands to carry my baby and the diaper bag these days ... all my bags are in hibernation right now.
  4. I'm using a Prada tote as a diaper bag. It has two open compartments (which holds the baby stuff), one zippered middle compartment (which holds my wallet and phone), and two little pockets in the front, which are great for things like pacifiers or small baby toys. I love this purse! It's stylish, versatile, and durable! Here it is:
  5. All of my posts in the Coach subforum have been about this lately. I have a 3 yo and a 1 yo. I am trying to be done with my diaper bag. At the moment I am using a Vera Bradley tote but want something else right now, maybe something a little bigger or something that will fit better on my shoulder or something that zips or stands up on it's own and has more compartments. I don't know !
  6. This is a tough question..Im still looking for the perfect baby bag too...HEHE!

    i dont want to spend a fortune either cuz I know itll get messed up....sigh!
  7. I love baby bags! I currently use a Fleurville Sling tote as a diaper bag, but I also own a lexi barnes darling as well.

    Check out this website that carries pretty much every designer baby bag possible:

    They have wonderful customer service and fast shipping too!
  8. Something on the shoulder. Lv Piano bag?
  9. My diaper bag is the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Diaper Bag... I got mine from Shopbop but I just looked and I don't see it on there anymore? It was around 400... but I got it when they were having the 20% off handbags sale and free shipping so I want to say it ended up at about $368 or something? Not too high. It's really cute... but a bit on the heavy side. So I compromise practicality for style :shame: But who doesn't? lol.
  10. Balenciaga COURIER all the way. lightweight, not too expensive and it fits a ton. I know you said you don't need a diaper bag, but this doubles as a purse and bag! Since the leather is distressed, its okay if it gets beat up... That or a Balenciaga DAY are my mommy favorites!
  11. I used to use my LV Montsouris GM for a diaper bag. With 2 little ones, it's so much easier to carry a backpack than a tote that kept slipping off my shoulders each time I went to hold my toddler's hand while pushing my second son in the stroller.:yes:
  12. i can't see the pic, it just shows the lv site and sunglasses.
    i use a neverfull tote by lv when i go on day trips with my little one. if we are going out for just a couple hours, then i just carry any shoulder purse. the neverfull is handy though cuz it can carry a lot. i have been thinking of getting the lv denim cabby though because it can be worn messenger style.
  13. I totally feel your pain. My husband yells at me that I just HAD to have my LV and then a new Chanel, but I never carry them because of my son. Lately, I've been carrying the Coach bleecker duffle across my body (can be worn on the shoulder too when the strap is shortened) and that way I can be hands free for my son.

  14. aaah, LV Montsouris GM.....that's what i used with my daughter!!!! i'm about to pull that out to use as a diaper bag with my 2nd!!! i love this backpack!!!

    i bought MM size first, but it was way too small....GM worked great!:tup: